Minor update


Imorgon bitti kl 8 (nåja, 8:15) är det upprop för den nya kursen vävnadsbiologi och embryologi i Uppsala och även för starten av termin tre för min del. Och enligt schemat börjar vi kl 8 varje dag. Och jag får inte flytta in till det rym jag hyrde förra terminen förrän om två veckor, vilket betyder att jag måste vakna kl 4:45… varje morgon i två veckor!! Jag blir trött bara av att tänka på det… Det blir precis som för ett år sedan. Suck.

Nu har jag i alla fall packat ryggsäcken med pennor, labbrock och annat som kan tänkas behövas inför morgondagen (och kommande dagar). Jag har varit ledig från sommarjobbet i en vecka nu och har tänkt uppdatera bloggen lite men ni vet… man vill ju hänga med kompisarna och familjen så mycket man hinner innan man måste dra till Uppsala igen.😛 Men jag har lite bilder från sommaren och jag ska berätta mer om hur jag kände mig när jag fick ett nej av KI i ett annat inlägg.

Håll ut!

I can take selfies with my new phone now~


Tomorrow morning at 8 o’clock (well, at 8:15), it’s time for the call for the new course tissue biology and embryology in Uppsala and it’s also the mark of the beginning of term/semester three for me. And according to the schedule, we start lectures at 8 every morning. And I’m not permitted to move into the room I rented last semester until two weeks, which means I gotta wake up 4:45… every morning for two weeks!! I get tired just thinking about it… It’ll be just like a year ago. Sigh.

Well, now I have filled my backpack with pencils, the lab coat and other things that might be necessary the following day(s). I’ve been free of summer work for one week now and thought that I would update the blog a little bit, but you know… I wanna hang out with my friends and family as much as I can before I gotta return to Uppsala again.😛 But I have a few pictures taken during the summer and I’ll tell you more in another blog post about how I felt when I got a no from KI later.

Hang on to the blog, please!

Summer’s gone soon


Se vilken fin överraskning jag fick idag – ett år har gått sen jag startade bloggen! // Look, such a nice surprise I recieved today – one year has went by since I started this blog! (“Congrats on your anniversary with WordPress.com! You made your account one year ago. Thank you for using us. Keep on writing good blog posts.”)

Bloggen har varit död i sommar och det beror på att jag har jobbat så mycket på sommarjobbet (och när jag har varit ledig har jag inte velat logga in på datorn – speciellt inte när vi har haft en sån fin sommar i år!) och inte mycket annat har hänt som är värt att skriva om. Just nu pluggar jag för omtentan i organisk kemi och efter det jobbar jag sex dagar i sträck innan jag får nåt som kan likna sommarlov. Men det blir kortvarigt, ca en och en halv vecka, innan universitetsplugget börjar igen. I Uppsala. För de hade inte plats för mig på KI tydligen. Uppdaterar mer om saker och ting senare i månaden.

The blog has been dead this summer and that’s because I’ve been working so much at my summer job (and when I’ve had days off, I haven’t felt like opening the computer – especially not when the weather has been so nice this summer!) and not much has happened that’s worth writing. Right now I’m studying for my re-exam on organic chemistry and after that, I work six days straight before I get something similair to a summer vacation. But it’s a short vacation, about a week and a half, before the university studies begin again. In Uppsala. Because they apparently didn’t have room for me at KI (Karolinska Institute). I’ll update you more about that later this month.

I should have made a fuss about it

Jag blev så upprörd. Inombords. Vi säljer chokladbollar på restaurangen och idag var det en tant som kallade dem för “negerbollar”. Jag blev så arg! Om jag kan gå från att säga “Najk” till “Najkii” (Nike) så borde väl hon lära sig att säga chokladboll som alla andra?? Allt jag fick fram var “… och en chokladboll, ja.” Så jädra mesigt. Jag skulle ha sagt “nä, nu förstod jag inte, en vad för nånting sade du?” och tvingat henne att säga det rätta innan hon fick betala. Blir så sur på mig själv! Slår vad om att hon är rasse också.

Jag skulle säga att minst 90% av alla som jobbar på restaurangen har utländsk bakgrund, och… jag borde ha stått upp för dem mot den där tanten. Jädra tant, fick god lust att kasta ut henne. Men jag har väl inte behörighet till det eftersom jag bara sommarjobbar.

Some damaged flowers lying on the metro wagon’s floor when I was going home from summer work.

I got so upset. Inside. We sell chocolate balls at the restaurant and today there was this old lady who called them “negro balls” (a veeeeeery old name for them in Sweden which no one uses anymore!). I got so mad! If I can go from saying “Najk” to “Nikee” (Nike) she should be able to say chocolate balls like everybody else?? All I managed to say was “… and a chocolate ball,  yes.” So freakin’ lame. I should have said “no, I don’t quite understand you, a what did you say?” and forced her to say the correct thing before letting her pay for everything. I got so mad at myself! I bet she’s a racist too.

I’d say that at least 90% of the restaurant staff have a foreign background and… I should have stood up for them. Effing granny, I really wanted to kick her out of the restaurant. But I suppose I’m not allowed to do that since I only work there on the summers.

A Head Full of Dreams Tour

Let me write this is English because it’s sunny outside and I wanna be out (and I guess I’m too lazy to write everything in both Swedish and English lol). As you might know already, I went to Coldplay’s concert in Stockholm together with one of my big brothers a few days ago. Two words to describe the concert: ‘magical’ and ‘happiness’. Because that was what it was, honestly. It was  a m a z i n g  !!

Big bro and I woke up early to get good spots (since we had standing tickets) and finally arrived at Friends Arena after a delayed trip (we had looked up the wrong time for when the bus would go, so we had to walk pretty far since it only went once an hour on Sunday mornings). We got number 19 and 20 in the queue, which sounded great! And there were no call to check if everyone still are in the queue, which ment that we could walk quite freely around the arena to check out the tour merchandise and inside Mall of Scandinavia to check out the summer sales and buy some food for ourselves. Sweet!


Pretty much all the photos in this blog post was taken by my brother – to see more pics from the concert, click here to go to his Flickr page.

Deciding which t-shirt we wanted was difficult (since almost all of them had more or less the same print), but I decided for a female t-shirt with lyrics from “Adventure of a Lifetime” written in a heart shape and big bro got himself one with the band printed on it (I also thought about getting it). I thought that mine’s a bit more casual than the other tour t-shirts with tour dates printed on the back and so – I could wear this one as a normal t-shirt (if no one comes up close and reads the lyrics in the heart or sees the back). ♥

So waiting for at least 9 hours before we would be allowed inside the arena wasn’t that difficult. We saw the tour buses which contained parts of the stage I think! When everyone were let inside the arena, we were given Xylobands (and a pin that said “LOVE”) that everyone would wear during the concert. They would lit up in different colors and twinkle together – the arena looked magical when they did! I got a red Xyloband. However, when we would be let in, it was chaos. No security guard really knew what they were doing (giving instructions only in Swedish and telling that “if you don’t know Swedish, ask someone to translate this for you”… in Swedish! Ugh. Also “Everyone with a Golden Circle ticket, please go to the right” while she points to the left… without a megaphone, she wasn’t heard. Luckily we had ordinary standing tickets and just could continue forward) and we were standing next to people with queue number 192 (!). It felt pretty badly organized by both fans who made the queue and the security staff when we, who had number 19 and 20, are next to number 192… what happened? Ok, Friends Arena is a large stadium, but still.

And my problems didn’t stop there. I barely saw anything the whole night even though I was standing as close as one could get to the stage (with an ordinary standing ticket that is)! There were volunteers for Global Citizen asking people to sign their names for clean water before we were allowed inside the arena, and they apparently were let in before the rest of us. Which was unfair in my opinion. I had bought a ticket months in advance, I had stood in line since 8 in the morning and I should have been standing right behind the security fence – not the volunteers who blocked my view. Also, this girl next to me turned her head all the time so I got her hair in my face all. the. time. Sigh. I took my revenge by jumping like crazy when the concert began and being an annoying neighbour, lol.

Ok, enough whining I suppose. The concert was, like I said, truly amazing. It was so much fun, I eventually stopped caring if I saw anything or not. Alessia Cara and Birdie performed before Coldplay, and I think it was a bit too much actually. I really like Alessia’s “Here” and was excited to hear it live, and Birdie was amazing as well, but to stand up 4 hours before we would get to see Coldplay… was a bit too much I think. One act before Coldplay would have been enough. My feet began to hurt, I just had to sit down when Birdie had finished her act and I didn’t care if there were no space to sit on. People would have to make space for me and, surprisingly to me, they actually did. Thank god!


Photos from Coldplay’s official Twitter account.

The audience cheered on Coldplay to come and start the show, and when they did, I swear, everyone in the arena went crazy. EVERYONE WERE SO PUMPED! I was crazy. The crowd were crazy. I haven’t been to many concerts in my life, but this audience have been the best one I’ve ever experienced. We sang during every song! No exeption! We cheered all the time and clapped our hands and everyone had smiles on their faces during the whole time. I actually cried when “Clocks” was played – I love it so much and have listened to it so many times, I guess it just hit me at that time how lucky I was to see Coldplay live and experience this. I was so happy, haha. ♥ There were fireworks, butterfly, square and star shaped confetti falling from the roof, laser beams, balloons for us with the standing tickets to play with and hit at… Coldplay really made sure everyone had a great time and spoiled us. ♥ And, like the name of their album and the tour, everything felt colorful, magical and dreamy. There were so many colors which made me so happy, I love colors. It truly felt like being in a dream, a dream that was too good to be true. But it was true!

To sum things up, it was a concert I won’t forget as long as I live. It was a great mix of old and new songs. Thank you, Coldplay, for bringing me on this dream with you. ♥

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More concert reviews: U2 – iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour

More time, please

Yes, I do have things to write, but so little time! Here’s some songs to entertain you. >___<

Coldplay – Hymn For The Weekend

Because I’ll see them live on Sunday!! So excited!

Lana Del Rey – Wayamaya

Queen of Oceans and Seas composes the perfect, slow summer love song ever made.

Joe Hisaishi – Summer

Always makes me think of summetime ♥

Simon & Garfunkel – Cecilia

Love the ending! “Jubilation”!

Happy Midsummer!

Ska försöka bli bättre på att skriva i bloggen, har lite smått och gått att berätta om.🙂 Glad midsommar tills dess!

I’ll try to write more in the blog, I’ve got a few things to tell you about.🙂 Happy midsummer until then!


Fine liner pens

Så, nu har sommarjobbet kommit igång lite smått (därav de få blogginläggen på sistone) och det kommer inte hända så mycket på några veckor skulle jag tro (förutom Coldplay~ ♥)… jag menar, igår spenderade jag hela dagen med att spela om “Ôkami“, för vad ska man annars hitta på när det regnar hela dagen? Idag ska jag rita vidare på min Zelda doujin (som aldrig kommer bli klar) för det var så länge sedan jag ritade nånting “på riktigt”.🙂


My summer job has slowly begun now (therefore the few blog posts lately) and I don’t think much will happen the upcoming weeks (except for Coldplay~ ♥)… I mean, I spent yesterday only re-playing “Ôkami” beccause what else is there to do when it’s raining the whole day? Today, I’m gonna continue drawing on my Zelda doujin (which will never be finished) because it was such a long time ago I drew something “for real”.🙂

Breath of the Wild

– Warning for massive fangirl post –


AM I THE ONLY ONE EXCITED FOR THE NEW ZELDA GAME?! Look how   g o r g e o u s   it is! It seems like Nintendo is going with a water painting theme like they did for “Skyward Sword” and also it’s got this cartoon-ish look as well, and I looove it! Hyrule has never been this beautiful since Twilight Princess, I swear. After watching a few previews from E3 the other day, my fangirl feelings for the Zelda games began to come alive again and… just… I wanna explore this world. It looks so peaceful, but we all know that Hyrule is never peaceful in the games we play. This Hyrule looks so alive though, compared to the previous games. We got deers, bigger birds, fish… and I hope there’ll be some people too. We didn’t get to see any in the previews (expect for the “Old Man” and the monk and Sheikah Ke Nemut I think?), so… I’m excited to see what they all will look like! Will we get Gorons? Zoras? Hyruleans and Gerudos too? I really hope we’ll get to know more about the Sheikahs now since Link actually seem to have this Sheikah Slate from the beginning of the game – which means that Link must have gotten it from a member of the Sheikah clan (if he haven’t found it?) or an actual member of the Sheikahs! But nah, I don’t think he’s a Sheikah, don’t think Nintendo would make him one.


Another right-handed Link it seems.

And we have only seen Link in his blue archer tunic in the trailers, and from E3 we also got to see Link in only shorts (I swear, all the fangirls will die if we can play him in only shorts)… but I’m really curious how his green hero tunic will look like! Because he must have one, right? And also, it seems like you have to think a lot more on your own in “Breath of the Wild” – what you have to eat, wear, equip yourself with and where to go. I like that! Hopefully I will get used to climbing those walls and cliffs, I don’t think I’ve done that in any other video game (except for “The Amazing Spider-Man” for Game Boy when I think about it) and that means you have to walk around mountains and so… but not in this one! And speaking of what Link will look like in different clothes and armour… what will Princess Zelda look like?? I hope it’ll be a mix of the Zeldas from the Oracle series and “A Link to the past“. ♥

From what I could see, this huge landscape of Hyrule will contain a desert, snowy mountains, the Death Mountain, woods and a beach too – which means we’ll get EVERYTHING! How awesome isn’t that?! And from what I heard from a interview on E3, “The higher you get, the colder it’ll get, so you gotta eat the right food to prepare yourself and change your clothes” – which means you gotta think more (like I said above) and I like that! Hyrule’s getting more like the real world! ♥ I’m so glad the Zelda team at Nintendo thought about such small details like that, makes everything much more… fun!😀

And since Hyrule’s gotten so big this time, it made me wonder if there’ll be a theme song for the Hyrule Field like in the previous games or if there’ll only be bird’s tweets to make it more realistic? To be honest, I think I would miss the theme song, but I would very much enjoy simple nature sounds as well.

And my final question is… where in the Zelda timeline will “Breath of the Wild” be placed? Before “The Wind Waker”? Shortly after “Skyward Sword”? After “The Spirit Tracks”? Before “Twilight Princess” since we saw the Bridge of Eldin (I suppose?)? I’m so curious~ ♥

“Open your eyes, Link…” Will there be a comeback of the “Lens of Truth”? Or does she only want Link to wake up so the game begins?😛

Jump to 2:56 if you wanna see the first trailer from 2014.

100 years


Det var en stor fest! 198 gäster om jag förstod det rätt som hade mingel, middag, dessert och liveband. Musiken ekade i muséebyggnaden och det kändes inte alls tråkigt att jobba den eftermiddagen och kvällen. Jag började kl 14 och slutade runt 22:30 och det var först när jag kom hem och slängde mig på soffan som jag kände hur trött jag var (tack mamma som hämtade mig ♥). Min uppgift för kvällen var att ta betalt för alkoholhaltiga drycker (för det serverades endast kolsyrat vatten, vanligt vatten och lättöl till maten) och, ibland när min kollega inte stod bredvid, även hälla upp dem i glas också. Jag slapp det “jobbiga” att duka av borden och sånt, det såg ut som att de andra som jobbade den kvällen fick gå en hel del. Men tro mig, det är jobbigt att bara stå upp i flera timmar också!

Ett fåtal av gästerna var tidsenligt klädda (jättekul att se gigantiska fjäderhattar, amiralkostymer och 20-tals hattar ♥), och vi i restaurangpersonalen hade på oss svarta byxor, vit skjorta och svart fluga (herrar) respektive svart kjol/svarta byxor, svart skjorta samt förkläde och en liten “hätta” typ (kvinnor) (som alla hade på pannan! Vet de inte att de ska sitta längre bak på huvudet??). Bäst på hela kvällen var nog jazzbandet Stockholm Stompers, de spelade verkligen bra!

I went like this. The braids turned out good, no? And the updo stayed in place the whole evening.

Here I thought I would wear something like these paintings by Carl Larsson and Anders Zorn or the Swedish TV series “Fröken Frimans Krig”…

… but ended up as a cheap copy of Downton Abbey’s Anna Bates since the costumes from SVT were too expensive to rent. So the minimal apron and headpiece were the only things they could afford to rent. Oh well. At least I looked the best (in my opinion!😛 ) Sorry for the bas quality pics, I quickly snapped the first one in the dressing room and the second one in the elevator…

It was a big party! 198 guests, if I got it right, which mingled, had dinner, dessert and a live band playing for them. The music echoed inside the museum building and it didn’t feel boring at all to work that afternoon and evening. I began working at 2PM and quit sometime around 10:30PM, and it was when I arrived home and crashed on the sofa that I felt how tired I was (thanks mom for picking me up ♥ ). My job for the evening was to take the payment for alcohol drinks (because only sparkling water, still water and light beer were served for the food) and, sometimes when my collegue wasn’t standing next to me, also pouring them up in glasses. I didn’t have to do the “dirty work” like clear the tables of plates and so, it looked like the others who were working that evening had to walk all the time. But believe me, it’s though to stand up for several hours too!

A few of the guests were dressed like people did 100 years ago (it was really fun to see huge feather hats, admiral costumes and hats from the 20’s ♥) and we, the restaurant staff, wore black pants, white shirt and black bow ties (for the men) and black skirt/trousers, black shirt and a white apron and headpiece (for the women) (and everyone wore theirs right on their forehead! Don’t they know they’re supposed to be placed at bit back on the head??). I think the best part of the evening were the jazz band Stockholm Stompers, they played really good!

Exclamation marks

Min ena storebror åkte häromdagen bort till Boston och Harvard (!!) för att vara där över sommaren (han skulle egentligen befunnit där i vintras men personalen som höll i det administrativa klantade sig… igen och igen)… vill du veta mer om hans äventyr och upplevelser och vad han egentligen ska göra där föreslår jag att du klickar här så att du kommer till hans blogg. Han är läkarstudent på KI och bloggar egentligen för dem.🙂

Idag kommer jag jobba “mellan 14-00 ungefär” (!) för att personalen på Naturhistoriska riksmuseet ska ha en fest för att byggnaden fyller 100 år, så jag har flätat upp håret och fixat en knut där bak. Hoppas att det håller. (Som du kanske minns så jobbar jag på museets restaurang, vilket innebär en massa spring i benen så jag vill inte sabba frisyren). Kläderna skulle tydligen vara  tidsenliga och (eventuellt) hyras in från SVTs kostymförråd! Men… så fick jag ett samtal från chefen för någon dag sedan om att jag ska ha på mig en svart, knälång kjol… och jag som hoppades på någonting i stil med Carl Larssons målningar eller Emil i Lönneberga? Ingen hade kjolen upp till knäna för 100 år sedan! >__< Nåja, jag antar att de kanske inte kunde hyra in kläderna från SVT…

Jag visar bilder senare.

One of my older brothers went the other day to Boston and Harvard (!!) to stay there over the summer (he would actually been there last winter but the staff doing all the paper work messed things up… again and again)… if you want to know more about his adventures and experiences and what he’s actually doind there, I suggest that you click here to go to his blog. He’s a medical student at KI (Karolinska Institute) and actually blogs for them.🙂

Today, I’m going to work “between 2PM-12AM” (!) because the staff at the Swedish Museum of Natural History are having a party since the building celebrates 100 years since the doors opened, so I braided my hair and made a bun at the nape of my neck. Hopefully it’ll hold. (I’m working at the museum’s restaurant, remember? Lots of walking then, don’t wanna ruin my updo). The clothes were said to be like what they wore back then and (possibly) rented from SVT’s costume storage house! (SVT is Sweden’s national TV station) But… I got a call from my boss a few days ago about me wearing a black kneelength skirt… and here I was hoping to wear something like those Carl Larsson paintings or Emil of Lönneberga (children’s novels by Astrid Lindgren)? Nobody wore a kneelength skirt 100 years ago! >__< Oh well, I guess they couldn’t rent the clothes from SVT…

I’ll show some pictures later.