Today has NOT been a good day to study. I’ve been pretty unfocused, and tired too, and (as I call it) ‘anxiety studying’. Which means that I’ve studied, read the course book and answered questions, and then played and entertained myself on the world wide web. Until I feel anxiety and go back to studying, haha.

Maybe that’s what happens when you only have one short laboration to do in the morning, and you’re ‘free’ for the rest of the day. I’m still very sleepy, so I’m gonna keep on reading Joyce Carol Oates’ ‘Blonde’ until I fall alseep. I’ve decided that I’m going to bed early today. ♥

And oops, sorry for not writing in Swedish, but I’m just too tired to translate this into my native language, haha..! Hopefully you understand what I’ve written anyway.


That’s what happens when you’re bored and unfoced like me today, haha. You can make your own here: http://www.whatireally.com/

Edit: Whoo-hoo, this is my blog post enrty no. 100!


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