Pictures of the week

More Ranma and Akane doodles, and I also doodled Esmeralda from Disney’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” during a lecture. I sat and studied on the grass last Tuesday (some girls sat in bikini’s, but I thought it actually was a bit too cold even with a dress…). One day I had pancakes with peanut butter, grapes and strawberry and rhubarb juice for lunch. I saw some men and women in uniform with trumpets and flutes after a ceremony held for people who got their Doctor’s degree (there was a cannon as well!). I stood there, watching like a curious little kid I guess, and one of them smiled at me. And today I got bored and braided my hair. Later I went for a walk and I finally found a forest! And it was big too, I walked for maybe 20 minutes and didn’t find the other end, so I turned back before I got lost. I’ll return there tomorrow, if it’s not raining.

About that English liqurice allsorts… saw a cartoon-style picture of while surfing around on the internet, and I got inspired to take a similar-looking photo. Mom gave me the candy on my birthday. ♥


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