Museum Gustavianum

Museum Gustavianum is a small building next to the cathedral of Uppsala, containing a lot of things associated with Uppsala University. The entry was free for students of Uppsala Univerity – however, no one checked if I was one and that was lucky because I had left my student card at home. Taking pictures with camera was allowed, but with no flash. I still think I managed to take a few good photos!

For the first time, I actually realized how old my university is. Founded in 1477, it has Nobel Prize winners, Carolus Linnaeus and amazing students. When walking in this museum, I for once felt proud of calling myself a student of Uppsala Univeristy.

It felt so cool to see one of the first cameras in real life – I’m sure my camera greeted this oldie . And how cute isn’t that mini microscope?! … At least I THINK it’s a microscope?

That old doodle some ancient student made on of his (probably a he) lectures is hillarious, apperently they even doodled when they were bored back then too! “Principia Mathematica” made me stunned – feels so unreal to see it for real when I’ve only read about it in my own books. I also read that the first female students weren’t allowed to wear the student cap, which sounds ridiculous in my ears! And it also made me sad, thinking about how many girls there are in the world who aren’t allowed to go to school. Made me realize how priviliged I am.

The Anatomical Theatre – a place where students who were becoming doctors watched their lecturer slicing corpses on that table – brr!

There were a small collection of things from the Vikings…

… and there were a bigger collection of acient Egypt, Greece and Rome.


And who could this be (in the restroom??)?!  Haha, just joking. xD


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