Breath of the Wild

– Warning for massive fangirl post –


AM I THE ONLY ONE EXCITED FOR THE NEW ZELDA GAME?! Look how   g o r g e o u s   it is! It seems like Nintendo is going with a water painting theme like they did for “Skyward Sword” and also it’s got this cartoon-ish look as well, and I looove it! Hyrule has never been this beautiful since Twilight Princess, I swear. After watching a few previews from E3 the other day, my fangirl feelings for the Zelda games began to come alive again and… just… I wanna explore this world. It looks so peaceful, but we all know that Hyrule is never peaceful in the games we play. This Hyrule looks so alive though, compared to the previous games. We got deers, bigger birds, fish… and I hope there’ll be some people too. We didn’t get to see any in the previews (expect for the “Old Man” and the monk and Sheikah Ke Nemut I think?), so… I’m excited to see what they all will look like! Will we get Gorons? Zoras? Hyruleans and Gerudos too? I really hope we’ll get to know more about the Sheikahs now since Link actually seem to have this Sheikah Slate from the beginning of the game – which means that Link must have gotten it from a member of the Sheikah clan (if he haven’t found it?) or an actual member of the Sheikahs! But nah, I don’t think he’s a Sheikah, don’t think Nintendo would make him one.


Another right-handed Link it seems.

And we have only seen Link in his blue archer tunic in the trailers, and from E3 we also got to see Link in only shorts (I swear, all the fangirls will die if we can play him in only shorts)… but I’m really curious how his green hero tunic will look like! Because he must have one, right? And also, it seems like you have to think a lot more on your own in “Breath of the Wild” – what you have to eat, wear, equip yourself with and where to go. I like that! Hopefully I will get used to climbing those walls and cliffs, I don’t think I’ve done that in any other video game (except for “The Amazing Spider-Man” for Game Boy when I think about it) and that means you have to walk around mountains and so… but not in this one! And speaking of what Link will look like in different clothes and armour… what will Princess Zelda look like?? I hope it’ll be a mix of the Zeldas from the Oracle series and “A Link to the past“. ♥

From what I could see, this huge landscape of Hyrule will contain a desert, snowy mountains, the Death Mountain, woods and a beach too – which means we’ll get EVERYTHING! How awesome isn’t that?! And from what I heard from a interview on E3, “The higher you get, the colder it’ll get, so you gotta eat the right food to prepare yourself and change your clothes” – which means you gotta think more (like I said above) and I like that! Hyrule’s getting more like the real world! ♥ I’m so glad the Zelda team at Nintendo thought about such small details like that, makes everything much more… fun! 😀

And since Hyrule’s gotten so big this time, it made me wonder if there’ll be a theme song for the Hyrule Field like in the previous games or if there’ll only be bird’s tweets to make it more realistic? To be honest, I think I would miss the theme song, but I would very much enjoy simple nature sounds as well.

And my final question is… where in the Zelda timeline will “Breath of the Wild” be placed? Before “The Wind Waker”? Shortly after “Skyward Sword”? After “The Spirit Tracks”? Before “Twilight Princess” since we saw the Bridge of Eldin (I suppose?)? I’m so curious~ ♥

“Open your eyes, Link…” Will there be a comeback of the “Lens of Truth”? Or does she only want Link to wake up so the game begins? 😛

Jump to 2:56 if you wanna see the first trailer from 2014.


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