A Head Full of Dreams Tour

Let me write this is English because it’s sunny outside and I wanna be out (and I guess I’m too lazy to write everything in both Swedish and English lol). As you might know already, I went to Coldplay’s concert in Stockholm together with one of my big brothers a few days ago. Two words to describe the concert: ‘magical’ and ‘happiness’. Because that was what it was, honestly. It was  a m a z i n g  !!

Big bro and I woke up early to get good spots (since we had standing tickets) and finally arrived at Friends Arena after a delayed trip (we had looked up the wrong time for when the bus would go, so we had to walk pretty far since it only went once an hour on Sunday mornings). We got number 19 and 20 in the queue, which sounded great! And there were no call to check if everyone still are in the queue, which ment that we could walk quite freely around the arena to check out the tour merchandise and inside Mall of Scandinavia to check out the summer sales and buy some food for ourselves. Sweet!


Pretty much all the photos in this blog post was taken by my brother – to see more pics from the concert, click here to go to his Flickr page.

Deciding which t-shirt we wanted was difficult (since almost all of them had more or less the same print), but I decided for a female t-shirt with lyrics from “Adventure of a Lifetime” written in a heart shape and big bro got himself one with the band printed on it (I also thought about getting it). I thought that mine’s a bit more casual than the other tour t-shirts with tour dates printed on the back and so – I could wear this one as a normal t-shirt (if no one comes up close and reads the lyrics in the heart or sees the back). ♥

So waiting for at least 9 hours before we would be allowed inside the arena wasn’t that difficult. We saw the tour buses which contained parts of the stage I think! When everyone were let inside the arena, we were given Xylobands (and a pin that said “LOVE”) that everyone would wear during the concert. They would lit up in different colors and twinkle together – the arena looked magical when they did! I got a red Xyloband. However, when we would be let in, it was chaos. No security guard really knew what they were doing (giving instructions only in Swedish and telling that “if you don’t know Swedish, ask someone to translate this for you”… in Swedish! Ugh. Also “Everyone with a Golden Circle ticket, please go to the right” while she points to the left… without a megaphone, she wasn’t heard. Luckily we had ordinary standing tickets and just could continue forward) and we were standing next to people with queue number 192 (!). It felt pretty badly organized by both fans who made the queue and the security staff when we, who had number 19 and 20, are next to number 192… what happened? Ok, Friends Arena is a large stadium, but still.

And my problems didn’t stop there. I barely saw anything the whole night even though I was standing as close as one could get to the stage (with an ordinary standing ticket that is)! There were volunteers for Global Citizen asking people to sign their names for clean water before we were allowed inside the arena, and they apparently were let in before the rest of us. Which was unfair in my opinion. I had bought a ticket months in advance, I had stood in line since 8 in the morning and I should have been standing right behind the security fence – not the volunteers who blocked my view. Also, this girl next to me turned her head all the time so I got her hair in my face all. the. time. Sigh. I took my revenge by jumping like crazy when the concert began and being an annoying neighbour, lol.

Ok, enough whining I suppose. The concert was, like I said, truly amazing. It was so much fun, I eventually stopped caring if I saw anything or not. Alessia Cara and Birdie performed before Coldplay, and I think it was a bit too much actually. I really like Alessia’s “Here” and was excited to hear it live, and Birdie was amazing as well, but to stand up 4 hours before we would get to see Coldplay… was a bit too much I think. One act before Coldplay would have been enough. My feet began to hurt, I just had to sit down when Birdie had finished her act and I didn’t care if there were no space to sit on. People would have to make space for me and, surprisingly to me, they actually did. Thank god!


Photos from Coldplay’s official Twitter account.

The audience cheered on Coldplay to come and start the show, and when they did, I swear, everyone in the arena went crazy. EVERYONE WERE SO PUMPED! I was crazy. The crowd were crazy. I haven’t been to many concerts in my life, but this audience have been the best one I’ve ever experienced. We sang during every song! No exeption! We cheered all the time and clapped our hands and everyone had smiles on their faces during the whole time. I actually cried when “Clocks” was played – I love it so much and have listened to it so many times, I guess it just hit me at that time how lucky I was to see Coldplay live and experience this. I was so happy, haha. ♥ There were fireworks, butterfly, square and star shaped confetti falling from the roof, laser beams, balloons for us with the standing tickets to play with and hit at… Coldplay really made sure everyone had a great time and spoiled us. ♥ And, like the name of their album and the tour, everything felt colorful, magical and dreamy. There were so many colors which made me so happy, I love colors. It truly felt like being in a dream, a dream that was too good to be true. But it was true!

To sum things up, it was a concert I won’t forget as long as I live. It was a great mix of old and new songs. Thank you, Coldplay, for bringing me on this dream with you. ♥

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