For some reason, I’m often in the mood to listen to electronic music just before I go to sleep which makes it even harder to go to bed..! Because the music is so energetic and alive! Ugh! Anyways, I really like Jolin Tsai’s “Play” and just found out that Alesso had made a remix of it and I’m so obessed with it!! Seriously, it is soooo good so I decided to share it with you all!

Here’s tonight’s playlist before bed – Jolin Tsai and Alesso with “Play” and CAPSULE’s “Dreamin’ Boy”, an electronic trap song and an EDM trance house song!

(Dreamin’ Boy starts at 0:56 ♥)


2 thoughts on “Electro

  1. Förstår känslan. Jag kollar alltid på anime innan jag lägger mig och det är så irriterande när det är en spännande cliffhanger. Ligger och tänker på det hela natten!

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