Weekend music wheel!

Jag kanske ska göra det här återkommande för varje veckoslut? 🙂 Problemet är oftast att jag mer eller mindre lyssnar på samma musik vecka in och vecka ut, haha… men jag kan ju försöka visa vilken musik jag har lyssnat på under veckan eller om jag hittar nåt nytt! Jag älskar musik. Jag går aldrig ut och festar men jag drömmer oftare om att gå på konserter och uppleva min favoritmusik på hög volym! Synd att det inte blir så ofta bara.

Maybe I should make this for every weekend? 🙂 The problem is just that I more or less only listen to the same music week after week, haha… but I can try to  share the music I’ve listened to during the week or if I’ve found something new! I love music. I never go out and party but I daydream more often about going to concerts and experience my favourite music on high volume! Too bad that doesn’t happen too often.

U2 – an old but good great one. If it weren’t for dad, I bet my family wouldn’t have liked them as much as we do today. ♥ Seeing U2 live is an experience on a whole different level and I’m fortunate to have seen them a few times. The Irish rock legend has set out on a tour to celebrate 30 years since their successful album “The Joshua Tree” and yes, I’m jealous of everyone who are going to see them. So, since I miss being a part of their audience, I’ve been playing that album over and over again. Let me share a classic (the energy on the concerts when this comes on… people go crazy! ♥) and perhaps a song that less people have heard on the radio.

Drake – thanks to my big brother having his latest album on repeat all the time (and I mean ALL the time – even in the shower!) last month, his songs are stuck on my mind too. Here’s one to get stuck in your mind too. No need to thank me.

Loreen – being the Eurovision week this week, I’m still so sad and angry that Loreen didn’t make it to the Swedish outtakes final and I keep her contest entry song on repeat. Her controlled vocals, her way to express the fury in the lyrics by singing more powerfully than ever and the base hook on repeat makes this song a winner in my heart. It also reflects how many refugees may feel today all around the world.

Monica Zetterlund – another oldie and this song is by a Swedish jazz singer. After the terror attack in central Stockholm, I can’t help but listening to this wonderful song about my hometown. I still haven’t written my thoughts from that day, but I will… someday. If your not familiar to Swedish, please do give this a try! I bet it’ll sound sweet and nice in your ears too.

Lana Del Rey – let me finish with my queen Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd. Lana is coming with a new album in less than two weeks (!!) and this is the title track, a sweet song with (finally!) a boyfriend that seems nice.


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