25 minutes ago

I have another oral presentation tomorrow and I haven’t practiced enough because I studied for this re-exam on Thursday that I’m gonna fail and I have too much I wanna say in too little time and I just feel so bad, I just kind of speed talk through it all and I hope people will be able to follow me and it’s in English but I think I’m gonna do fine (I kinda start talking with a British (?) accent when I do presentations sometimes like whut??) and I just feel bad about everything and now I’m stressing myself up and I won’t be able to sleep and it’s time this way-too-long sentence comes to an end.

I’ve been crying three nights straight now ffs, what’s wrong with me, it’s only an education, I should be happy that I’m able to study more or less for free. I’m messed up.

And now I can’t practice on my presentation anymore because I’m sobbing. Sigh.


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