My very first trip to America – part 1

Ok, I’m gonna take this in English only because it would take forever to write it in Swedish and then translate things.


We (me, my brother Simon and his wife Sarah) left Sweden on Friday afternoon and arrived Friday evening, April 6th. I kept telling myself that I this would be the first time I would truly experience jet lag since the flight was over ten hours and I hadn’t slept at all during that time… I only managed to shut my eyes, but to my surprise, the jet lag never hit me. 🙂 Sarah’s sister Katie picked us up at the airport and drove us to their father’s (and his cat’s) home where we would stay during our trip. I was already surprised that the roads didn’t have any streetlights, but more wonders would come.

Leaving Arlanda Airport


Saturday was the big day! We all dressed up and got ready for Katie’s wedding reception, hoping that the rain clouds would go away. The venue was outdoors in a pretty place with lots of nature and luckily under roof… because rain did come later in the evening. We helped setting the tables and decoration together with KT’s friends before the rest of the guests started to arrive. I wore a yellow lace dress with a turquoise bolero, but the weather was cold and I wasn’t the only one who was freezing, even if there was a bonfire burning next to the roof. Luckily for me, a friendly lady lended me a thin rain coat and Sarah found a blanket that I held onto tightly for the rest of the night – I don’t think anybody saw my pretty dress at all, haha! I didn’t know anybody, but people had fun and there were lots of vegan food. I had a fun time too. But I didn’t take any good pictures to share.


The day after was a good day to go to the High Museum of Art which had everything from exciting new architectural and interior design to African, European and North American art. The entrance was free that day so a lot of families and couples visited the museum at the same time. It was a large museum with several floors and rooms – you could really spend half a day there if you want to explore everything it offers. I think my favorite exhibition was the photographs of the civil rights movement and how people still today are fighting for their rights.

If I’m not mistaken, we went to a vegetarian restaurant with parrots (outside, at the entrance) for lunch. I had a spinach quesadilla and a smoothie of pear juice, dates and bee pollen. The smoothie tasted kind of weird so my brother had to help me finish it.

Later in the afternoon, KT joined us for movies and we decided to see The Black Panther even though I was the only one who hadn’t seen it yet. We shared a large popcorn bucket and got two sodas – the size of the cup was the size of my underarm! I chose to drink some lemonade but filled my cup up to half. It was large enough for me, haha.

And I noticed that in the beginning of the film, they showed some scenes from “the British museum”… but it was shot outside and inside of the museum we had visited the very same day! I guess they really do shoot a lot of movies in Georgia.


The next day we went to Atlanta History Center to walk around the grounds and teach ourselves a little bit of the history of Georgia. Simon and Sarah had already been there before so they showed me around a little. It reminded me a lot about Skansen back home in Stockholm, but it was naturally much bigger than that. It was nice to see so many green trees when it was still snowing a little bit the day we left. And the birds sang much more beautifully than the sparrows and magpies back home too, haha.

One of the bigger buildings was the Swan House. It had a big drive way and impressive facade and was built in the 1920’s. A family of five lives there until the 60’s if I’m not mistaken. A maid greeted us when we entered (and informed us that there were “sadly” no ghosts connected to the building when we asked) and an even more impressive stairway were before us. Under it was a radio playing some fun 20’s music and beautiful checkered marble floor. Their turquoise kitchen was large and their library, morning and dinner rooms were like taken from a scene from Downton Abbey. Although the library had a, in my opinion, funny painting above the fireplace – a lady with angels surrounding her, but they didn’t have bodies, only heads.

I had watched the first Hunger Games movie on TV some time before the trip and also recognized some scenes that had been filmed in this house and its (fantastic) gardens.

One of the more impressive rooms must have been the blue master bathroom, haha. Mirrors everywhere! And the master bedroom must have been the size of a smaller apartment.

After the visit we went to OK Café, a diner with an old school styling (even the waitresses wore classic 50’s waitress dresses and aprons). I almost felt like I was sitting in the diner in the Seinfeld shows! S and S ordered a hamburger each with fries and I got a chicken sandwich. He had a coke with that (that got refilled even though we were full so we took it with us home haha) and Sarah and I had a strawberry milkshake each. ❤


7 thoughts on “My very first trip to America – part 1

  1. Härliga bilder! Låter som en riktigt bra resa!
    Det här med dåligt belysta vägar finns i Sverige också. Antar att det inte är något stadsmänniskor tänker på så ofta men de flesta landsvägar i Sverige saknar belysning. Jag minns när jag skulle köra från Göteborg till Jönköping en natt kl 3. Då fick jag ha helljus på hela vägen. Annars hade vi kört in i berget!
    Vad spännande med dessa ställen där de har filmat på! Var The Black Panther bra förresten? Jag går sällan på bio eftersom jag lätt blir besviken. Men den är en film alla säger är bra.
    Typiskt USA och deras portioner. Fast å andra sidan tycker jag att de svenska portionerna är för dyra så det kanske jämnar ut sig på något sätt. Biopopcorn är så dyrt i Sverige!


    1. Asså, ja, men det var liksom motorvägar med 5 filer strax utanför stan som inte hade belysning, det var lite det jag reagerade på. =P Det var typ… reflekterande markeringsränder på asfalten istället?
      Black Panther var riktigt bra! Man behöver inte alls se en film innan eller efter för att förstå den, jag rekommenderar den starkt. 🙂
      (Och ja, bio-snask är för dyrt här, haha…)


      1. Ahh, sådana finns i England med. “Cat eyes” kallar vi dem! I och med att man ska hålla sig nära mittlinjen när det är mörkt tycker jag att de är väldigt bra.
        Vad kul att höra att Black Panther var bra. Jag har sett alla Marvelfilmerna upp till den, så det hade inte spelat någon större roll för min del. Men de flesta introduktionsfilmerna är oberoende av andra filmer i MCU.


      2. Har sett Black Panther nu. Tyckte att den var helt okej men att de förbrukade hans motståndare väldigt snabbt. Hans tre värsta fiender var med i filmen så det skulle vara märkligt om den fick en uppföljare. Resten av hans motståndare är inte lika bra nämligen.


      3. Menar inte att det ska bli en uppföljare, utan att OM det blir en så lär det inte vara någon bra fiende i den då alla hans bästa förbrukades i en och samma. Men men!

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