My very first trip to America – part 2


Tuesday was a hot day and spent in Georgia Aquarium and the Coca-Cola Museum. We started in the aquarium and there were school kids everywhere up ’til lunch time! Apparently it was a big field day for many schools and the yellow school buses were parked outside the building… and there were lots of them, haha. The kids were excited to see the sea animals, the younger ones were a little bit loud, but they were alright. The aquarium was huge but it became even bigger when the kids left after lunch, haha. (I don’t think I’ll ever forget the very, very, excited boy in a row behind me at the dolphin show literally screaming “DOLPHIIINNNSSS!!! DOLPHINNSS!!! THEY’RE COMMIIINNNN’!!!” haha! ♥)

My phone’s memory storage died sometime in the aquarium so I don’t have that many pictures and not from the Coke museum either, but the “dolphins” in the picture above are actually white beluga whales playing with their blanket, haha. We stood there and watched them in their big tank for a long while. They were really fun to watch.

Like I said, the aquarium was huge (the biggest aquarium in the world now that I looked it up! 30 million litres of water, that’s impressive!) and had fishes from all over the world… from cold to warm waters. Whale sharks, sea lions, starfishes, an eight armed octopus, penguins, jelly fishes… anything related to the aquatic! We snacked on a pizza and a pretzel from the cafeteria for lunch and I bought a small keychain purse that was too cute… it’s printed with a jellyfish and the text “you jelly”, haha. ♥

The Coca-Cola museum was next to the aquarium so we just had to go and see it too. After getting our entry tickets, we were greeted by some staff who handed us a small can of Coke of our choice. I try to stay away from sodas (because of all the sugar and the carbonic acid that damage your teeth) but since this was the Coke museum, they simply wouldn’t let me go inside without a can, haha. I picked the regular one, carried it with me and left in the fridge when we got back home.

The first thing you experience is a small film (I suspect a longer version of their latest commercial?) in a room filled with old-school advert signs from around the world. I enjoyed the signs the most, haha. The film wasn’t bad, they tried to show how their drink is always there for the important moments in your life, small and bigger moments. After the film, you’re let to enter the next room.

You could choose to see how robots work with filling the glass bottles and cap them, read about the history of the Coca-Cola company and play some games, see even more signs from around the world, all the official Olympic pins, see the designs of their bottles, take a picture with their polar bear mascot… see the huge vault where the recipe is locked inside (to be honest, I think it’s just for visitors to pose in front of for pictures, haha). But I think the best part of the museum was to try different sodas from the world. I know I said I try to not drink soda, but you just had to do it – you would never get the opportunity to try sodas from all over the world in one place. I think my favorites were Ginger Ale from Mozambique and Vegibeta from Japan, there were some other good ones too but I don’t remember them… some were odd to say the least, some were too sweet but the drinks from North America were the ones I disliked the most, haha! And they also had a corner for different Coca-Cola flavors too of course… vanilla and cherry cola weren’t as bad as I had thought.



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