Study weeks

Just a short blog post about that I’ll have my exam in about two weeks so I won’t be writing here (plus my laptop kind of stopped working sooo…) and I’m moving from the dorm room to my next place on Saturday. I’ll stay with another student in her student apartment and no, I don’t know who she is but hopefully it’ll work out good. So no weekend music wheel (not that I have anything worth sharing but whatever 😛 ) and probably no blog posts the upcoming weeks. But I’ll write about my dorm room experience afterwards. 🙂

Take care!

This granny rocks

I found out about this granny during this weekend and I’m obsessed! Apparently she was found by foreign reporters during New York Fashion Week who thought she was a model since she had a great style – turns out she got scouted by a model agency thanks to those reporters! Check out her Instagram account here or her website here, I promise you won’t be disappointed! This lady is unique and everything seem to fit her perfectly well! ♄ It’s so nice to see older models too!

Just a thought…

Vi har en videokamera i miniformat hemma och jag funderar pĂ„ om jag ska ta med den hit till Uppsala i sommar eftersom det nĂ€stan Ă€r ingen som anvĂ€nder den. Det kan vara kul att filma saker som hĂ€nder och inte bara skriva ned dem (typ tre dagar efterĂ„t och inte pĂ„ en gĂ„ng som jag helst vill…). Det kan vara kul för min egen del att titta tillbaka pĂ„ lĂ€ngre fram i tiden ocksĂ„. Inte för att det hĂ€nder mycket i mitt liv, men nĂ€r jag vĂ€l hittar pĂ„ nĂ„t sĂ„ kan det vara kul att filma ocksĂ„. 🙂 Vad tycker ni?

We have the tiniest film camera at home and I’m thinking of bringing it with me to Uppsala this summer since “nobody” is using it. It can be fun to film things that happen and not only write them down (three days afterwards and not at once as I’d like to…). It might be nice for my own sake to look back to in the future as well. Not that a lot of things happen in my life, but when I do it might be fun to film something as well. What do you think? 🙂

Weekend music wheel!

Jag kanske ska göra det hĂ€r Ă„terkommande för varje veckoslut? 🙂 Problemet Ă€r oftast att jag mer eller mindre lyssnar pĂ„ samma musik vecka in och vecka ut, haha… men jag kan ju försöka visa vilken musik jag har lyssnat pĂ„ under veckan eller om jag hittar nĂ„t nytt! Jag Ă€lskar musik. Jag gĂ„r aldrig ut och festar men jag drömmer oftare om att gĂ„ pĂ„ konserter och uppleva min favoritmusik pĂ„ hög volym! Synd att det inte blir sĂ„ ofta bara.

Maybe I should make this for every weekend? 🙂 The problem is just that I more or less only listen to the same music week after week, haha… but I can try to  share the music I’ve listened to during the week or if I’ve found something new! I love music. I never go out and party but I daydream more often about going to concerts and experience my favourite music on high volume! Too bad that doesn’t happen too often.

U2 – an old but good great one. If it weren’t for dad, I bet my family wouldn’t have liked them as much as we do today. ♄ Seeing U2 live is an experience on a whole different level and I’m fortunate to have seen them a few times. The Irish rock legend has set out on a tour to celebrate 30 years since their successful album “The Joshua Tree” and yes, I’m jealous of everyone who are going to see them. So, since I miss being a part of their audience, I’ve been playing that album over and over again. Let me share a classic (the energy on the concerts when this comes on… people go crazy! ♄) and perhaps a song that less people have heard on the radio.

Drake – thanks to my big brother having his latest album on repeat all the time (and I mean ALL the time – even in the shower!) last month, his songs are stuck on my mind too. Here’s one to get stuck in your mind too. No need to thank me.

Loreen – being the Eurovision week this week, I’m still so sad and angry that Loreen didn’t make it to the Swedish outtakes final and I keep her contest entry song on repeat. Her controlled vocals, her way to express the fury in the lyrics by singing more powerfully than ever and the base hook on repeat makes this song a winner in my heart. It also reflects how many refugees may feel today all around the world.

Monica Zetterlund – another oldie and this song is by a Swedish jazz singer. After the terror attack in central Stockholm, I can’t help but listening to this wonderful song about my hometown. I still haven’t written my thoughts from that day, but I will… someday. If your not familiar to Swedish, please do give this a try! I bet it’ll sound sweet and nice in your ears too.

Lana Del Rey – let me finish with my queen Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd. Lana is coming with a new album in less than two weeks (!!) and this is the title track, a sweet song with (finally!) a boyfriend that seems nice.


Hej hej!

Det Ă€r fredag eftermiddag, solen skiner och det Ă€r Ă„rets hittills varmaste dag! Och jag spenderar den pĂ„ att sola/sitta hĂ€r pĂ„ campus i en tyst innergĂ„rd med björkar, pĂ„skliljor och magnoliatrĂ€d. KĂ€nner nĂ€stan för att köpa en glass men det har jag redan gjort den hĂ€r veckan och jag mĂ„ste spara pĂ„ pengarna lite…

Jag har fĂ„tt reda pĂ„ lite om vad jag ska fĂ„ göra i sommar under SOFOSKO – jag skulle fĂ„ börja lite tidigare med skulle jag fĂ„ hjĂ€lpa till att fĂ„ fram flugorna till projektet, lĂ€ra mig att se skillnad pĂ„ könen och jobba mycket med mikroskop för att plocka ut hjĂ€rnor – och jag kommer sĂ€kert mosa en massa! Förhoppningsvis kommer det att gĂ„ bra Ă€ndĂ„! Min handledare har jag haft som förelĂ€sare nu i tvĂ„ dagar, sĂ„ vi pratade lite mellan rasterna om sommaren.

Vet inte riktigt I’m jag har nĂ„t mer att berĂ€tta förutom att jag döpte vĂ„r gruppuppgift om njuren och hypertoni (högt blodtryck) till “The amazing kidney – an epic tale of a heroic way to save the day” och ingen av de andra i gruppen klagade, haha! FĂ„r se vad lĂ€rarna sĂ€ger, men titeln pĂ„ arbetet skulle ju vara intressevĂ€ckande sa de… 😉

Saw this pretty yellow tree on my lunch walk around campus earlier today.

Hi everyone!

It’s Friday afternoon, the sun is shining and it the year’s hottest day so far. And I spend it here on campus, sun bathing/sitting in a quiet inner yard with birch trees, daffodils and magnolia. I almost feel like buying an ice cream but I’ve already done that this week and I need to save my money… 

I’ve got to know more what I’ll do this summer during SOFOSKO – to start with, I’ll get to start a little bit earlier with getting the flies for our project, learn to see the difference between sexes and work a lot with a microscope later to pick out their brains – I’m sure I’ll crush most of them! Hopefully it’ll go ok anyway. My supervisor has been my lecturer these past two days, so we talked a little during the breaks about this summer.

I don’t really know what more to write here except that I named our group project review text about the kidneys and hypertension (high blood pressure) to “The amazing kidney – an epic tale of a heroic way to save the day” and no one seemed to complained about the title, haha! We’ll see what the teachers will say about it, but it said in the instructions that the title should be interesting to the reader… 😉

No internet


Jag sitter kvar i skolan numera och pluggar eller gör annat – jag har ju flyttat in i mitt korridorrum och dĂ€r har jag ingen internetuppkoppling! Och det Ă€r ingen idĂ© att fixa nĂ„got heller, jag ska ju bara stanna en mĂ„nad. SĂ„ dĂ„ Ă€r det bĂ€ttre att snylta pĂ„ universitetets internet istĂ€llet. 😉 Som tur Ă€r sĂ„ ligger det ett campus riktigt nĂ€ra dĂ€r jag bor, sĂ„ jag kan ta en kort promenad dit om jag skulle vilja göra nĂ„got pĂ„ kvĂ€llarna eller pĂ„ lediga dagar nĂ€r jag inte orkar ta mig till min campusbyggnad.

SĂ„ idag har jag kĂ€nt mig lite duktig Ă€ndĂ„. Jag har gĂ„tt igenom fyra seminarieuppgifter, skrivit klart en A4 med text till ett grupparbete om njurarna, mejlat den nya kursadministratören om att de borde skriva in i datasystemet att jag Ă€r godkĂ€nd pĂ„ neurobiologitentan efter överklagan samt mejlat mitt sommarjobb pĂ„ Restaurang Fossilen att jag inte kan hjĂ€lpa dem de tvĂ„ kommande somrarna (eftersom dĂ„ ska jag ju ha SOFOSKO, sommarforskningsskolan! ♄) – sĂ„ en del har blivit avbockat i alla fall! Nu tĂ€nker jag slappna av med lite tv-serier innan det Ă€r dags att cykla till rummet och laga middag + matlĂ„da. 😉

Let’s enjoy this new song by Lana Del Rey feat. The Weeknd for Lana’s upcoming album with the same name – Lust For Life!


I’m staying at school these days and studying here and do other stuff – I have moved into my dorm room like I’ve mentioned before and I have no internet connection there! And there’s no idea to try to get one either, I’m only staying for a month after all. So it’s much better to use the university’s internet instead. 😉 Luckily for me, there’s a campus reeaaallly close to where I live, so I could just take a short walk there if I’d like to do someting in the evenings or on days with nothing on the schedule and I don’t feel like taking the bike to my campus building.

So I feel a little good today. I’ve worked through four seminar questions, written an A4 paper of text for a group project about the kidneys, e-mailed the new course administrator that they should write into the system that I’ve passed the neurobiology exam after appeal, and also written an e-mail to my summer job at the restaurant that I won’t be able to help them the two upcoming summers (because I’m going to SOFOSKO, the summer research school! ♄) – so at least a few things are off the to-do list now! Now I’m going to relax with some TV shows before it’s time to ride the bike back to my room and make som dinner + lunchbox for tomorrow. 😉

Easter 2017

PĂ„sken började med pappas begravning pĂ„ skĂ€rtorsdagen och jag tror inte jag tĂ€nker skriva om den… det var fint och sĂ„, men jobbigt förstĂ„s. Men han Ă€r liksom inte död för mig, Ă€ven om jag vet att han Ă€r det i verkligheten. Och börjar tĂ„rarna komma sĂ„ jag ska inte skriva mer om det, hehe. :’)

PĂ„ lĂ„ngfredagen var det dags att flytta. FrĂ„n mitt inneboende till ett korridorrum nĂ„gon gata lĂ€ngre bort dom jag stannar i en mĂ„nad. Jag hann hĂ€lsa pĂ„ tvĂ„ andra som stannade dĂ€r under pĂ„sken, Alicia och Tiffany (?), och de verkade jĂ€ttetrevliga! Hoppas det kommer fungera bra i en mĂ„nad nu. Jag Ă„ker till mitt rum senare idag. 🙂 Ser fram emot min nya kontorsstol och gardinerna mamma klippte ihop av pĂ„slakan (hon kunde inte stĂ„ emot hur billiga de var pĂ„ IKEA, haha…).

Och pĂ„ lördagen Ă„kte jag, brorsan och hans fĂ€stmö in till Hotell Diplomat (kĂ€nde mig orolig innan att jag inte skulle passa in pĂ„ ett sĂ„nt stĂ€lle, men det var lugnt) för Afternoon Tea. JĂ€ttegott! Jag bestĂ€llde in en kanna te som hette “Marco Polo” som smakade lite fruktigt. Det var inspirerat av hans resor och beskrivningen lĂ€t som en resebrochyr sĂ„ jag var ju bara tvungen att ta den, haha! Brorsan tog hotellets egna blandning och den smakade starkt (!!) och luktade Ă€nnu starkare, haha! Tur att jag inte valde det, jag Ă€r inte sĂ„ förtjust i te som smakar som att de har dragit i flera timmar.

Snittarna var goda (speciellt den med paprikafyllning!) och de pÄskinspirerade bakverken ocksÄ. Men bÀst var kanske de nygrÀddade sconesen, gÄr ju inte att stÄ emot nÀr man Àlskar bröd heller! TvÄ stycken smÄ scones fick man, plus smÄ skÄlar med vaniljsmetana, drottningmarmelad och grÀddig lemoncurd tror jag.

EfterĂ„t gick vi vidare till Sephora dĂ€r Sarah (brorsans fĂ€stmö) sĂ„g till att jag hamnade i en stol och att en makeup artist fixade till mig! KĂ€ndes kul men annorlunda eftersom jag typ aldrig har smink pĂ„ mig. 😛 Sminkösen (sĂ€ger man sĂ„ pĂ„ svenska eller handlar det bara om teaterfolk?) var supertrevlig och rolig att prata med, och hon var snĂ€ll som frĂ„gade mig innan om det var okej att sĂ€tta pĂ„ nĂ„t mer eller om jag skulle tycka att det skulle kĂ€nnas konstigt. Det slutade med att vi gick dĂ€rifrĂ„n med varsin kasse plus gratisprover eftersom Sarah var med i deras lojalitetsprogram hemma i USA.

Och sist men inte minst sĂ„ stannade vi en stund i KungstrĂ€dgĂ„rden och fotade alla körsbĂ€rstrĂ€d förstĂ„s! SĂ„ rosa och fina! Vi hjĂ€lpte nĂ„gra turister att ta bild ocksĂ„. 😉

Och sedan dess har jag vara varit hemma och lÀst fyra artiklar till ett grupparbete. Jag skulle hitta fyra artiklar om hur man kan behandla högt blodtryck och njursjukdom. Jag hoppas jag kommer med nÄgot bra pÄ torsdag dÄ jag ska presentera en av dem.

Och just det! Jag sökte till att lĂ€sa en grundkurs i persiska nĂ€sta termin, kĂ€nner lite för att lĂ€ra mig baserna i alla fall. Kanske för att pappa gick bort, jag vet inte. Men i alla fall. 15 hp pĂ„ halvfart som distanskurs fast det leds av Uppsala Universitet. 🙂

Easter began with dad’s funeral on Maundy Thursday and I don’t think I’ll write about it… it was beautiful and so, but though of course. But he’s not really dead to me, even though I know he is in reality. And now I can feel my tears welling up so I’ll stop here, hehe. :’)

On Good Friday, it was moving day for me. From my roommate’s student apartment to a dorm room a few streets away which I will stay at for a month. I did meet two other dorm room mates who stayed there for Easter, Alicia and Tiffany (?), and they seemed really nice! I hope it’ll all go well this month now. I’ll go to my room later today. 🙂 I really look forward to my new office chair and the curtains mom cut from bed sheets (she couldn’t resist the cheap IKEA price, haha…). 

And on the Saturday, I, my brother and his fiancĂ©e went to Hotel Diplomat (I was worried that I wouldn’t fit in such a fancy place, but it was ok) for some Afternoon Tea. It was lovely! I ordered a pot of tea called “Marco Polo” which tasted a little fruity. It was inspired by his travels and the description sounded like a travel guide so I just had to pick that one, haha! Big bro had the hotel’s own tea blend and it tastes strongly (!!) and smelled even stronger, haha! I’m glad I didn’t pick that one, I don’t really like tea that taste like they’ve been brewing for hours.

The small sandwiches were good (especially the one with bell pepper filling!) and the Easter inspired pastries/desserts too. But perhaps the freshly baked scones were the best, it’s impossible to not like them if you’re a bread lover just like me! Two scones per guest served with vanilla smetana, Queen’s marmalade (blueberries, raspberries and blackberries) and a creamy lemon curd I believe.

Afterwards, we went to Sephora where Sarah (my brother’s fiancĂ©e) made sure I was seated in a stool and that a makeup artist made me pretty! It was fun but different since I pretty much never wear makeup. 😛 The makeup artist was really friendly and fun to talk to, and she was very sweet to ask me if it was ok to add something on or if I would feel like it was too much. And the visit ended with us both leaving with a bag plus some free samples because Sarah is in their loyalty program in the states.

And finally we stopped at KungstrĂ€dgĂ„rden (“King’s Garden”) and snapped photos of all the cherry blossom trees! So pink and pretty! We also helped some tourists with taking pictures too. 😉

And since then I’ve just stayed at home and read four articles for a group work. I was supposed to find four articles on how to treat hypertension and renal determination. I hope I’ll come up with something good on Thursday, that’s when I’m supposed to present one of the articles.

Oh right! I applied to take a beginners class in Persian next term, I feel like I need to learn at least the basics. Maybe because dad passed away, I don’t know. Whatever. 15 credits on half speed and as a distance course even though it’s held by Uppsala University. 🙂

Bye, blue room

Hej dĂ„ mitt blĂ„a rum pĂ„ Rackarberget, jag kommer sakna dig trots allt ovĂ€sen som hörs genom fönstret dĂ€r den högtrafikerade bilvĂ€gen precis Ă€r utanför. Och gatulampan som lyser in genom de trasiga persiennerna. Hoppas nĂ„n annan trivs hĂ€r nĂ€r det Ă€r renoverat och klart…


Goodbye my blue room, I’ll miss you even if the noise from the heavily trafficked road just outside my window could be heard all day long. And the street lamp which lights up my room through the damaged window blinds. I hope someone else will like it here after the whole area is renovated…

Housing? Check. Summer research school? Check!

AssĂ„, haha, skrev jag i vintras att jag skulle försöka skriva varje dag? Vi ser ju hur det har gĂ„tt, haha… Men eftersom det har skett en del den senaste tiden sĂ„ ska jag försöka skriva ihop en del. Och försöka skriva det samma dag som det hĂ€nder ocksĂ„ och inte “i lördags hĂ€nde det hĂ€r” som det ofta blir! Blir lĂ€ttare att kika igenom arkivet dĂ„…

Men. Bostadsproblemet verkar ha löst sig! Brorsans fĂ€stmö frĂ„gade runt pĂ„ sitt jobb och nĂ„gon kĂ€nde nĂ„gon som kĂ€nde nĂ„gon annan som skulle hyra ut rum i Uppsala – dit flyttar jag i maj! Nu Ă€r det helt bestĂ€mt med kontrakt skrivna och sĂ„ – inga “missförstĂ„nd” denna gĂ„ng som med den förra hyresvĂ€rden. Men jag mĂ„ste flytta ut nu i helgen och ett tag var jag orolig att jag mĂ„ste flytta hem i en mĂ„nad innan jag flyttar i maj till det nya inneboenden… jag har inte sĂ€rskilt mĂ„nga bra minnen av den första tiden nĂ€r jag pendlade till Uppsala, och dessutom sĂ„g jag att jag börjar kl 8 nĂ€stan varje dag efter pĂ„sk (vilket skulle betyda att jag mĂ„ste vakna kvart i fem för att hinna i tid – och hoppas pĂ„ att tĂ„gen fungerar). Men! Som tur Ă€r har jag lyckats fĂ„ ett korridorrum pĂ„ korttidskontrakt (hĂ€mtade ut nycklarna idag!) i samma omrĂ„de som jag bor nu. Bara nĂ„n gata bort. Och eftersom det Ă€r ett korttidskontrakt gĂ„r det bra att jag stannar i bara en mĂ„nad tills jag flyttar i maj igen. 😀 OCH sĂ„ behĂ„ller man sina ködagar hos Uppsala Bostadsförmedling – bra va!

Jag fick ocksĂ„ veta ikvĂ€ll att jag lyckades bli antagen pĂ„ sommarforskningsskolan! Ser verkligen fram emot det, det kommer bli kul. Jag ska fĂ„ arbeta med hur Alzheimers och diabetes typ II kan kopplas ihop – intressant! Min handledare Ă€r jĂ€ttebra (tror jag, har fĂ„tt ett bra intryck av henne tidigare i alla fall).

SĂ„ dĂ€r, nu mĂ„ste jag nog runda av och slĂ€cka ljudet för att sova. Ska försöka skriva mer imorrn, bland annat om attentatet i Stockholm. Åh, vad konstigt det kĂ€ndes att gĂ„ dĂ€r tvĂ„ dygn efterĂ„t! Mitt kĂ€ra Stockholm!

Haha, did I write last winter that I’d try to write a little everyday? Well, we have all seen how that’s been going, haha… But since a lot has happened lately, I’ll try to write at least something. And I’ll try to write stuff at the same day that they happen and not like ” this happened last Saturday” like I often do! It makes it easier to go through the archive then…

Anyway. The housing problem seems to have been solved! Big bro’s fiancĂ©e asked around at her workplace and apparently someone knew someone who knew some other person who was going to rent a room in Uppsala – so I’m moving there in May! Now it’s all done with contracts written and signed so – no “misunderstandings” this time like with the last renter. But I have to move this weekend and for a while, I was worried I had to move back home to Stockholm for one month before I go to this new room in May… I don’t really have lots of good memories from when I took the commuter train to Uppsala each morning, and I also saw that I pretty much start at 8 every morning after Easter (which would mean that I’d have to wake up at 4:45 AM – and hoping for the trains to go on time). But! Luckily, I managed to get a dorm room to stay at for a short term contract (I got the keys today!), in the same area that I live in at the moment. Just a few streets away. And sinice it’s a short term contract, it’s ok to just stay for one month until I move in May. 😀 AND I get to keep my queue days at the housing agency – isn’t that great!

I also got to know this everning that I’m in the summer research school! I really look forward to it, it’ll be fun. I’ll get to work with how Alzheimer’s and diabetes type II can be linked – interesting! My supervisor is really good (I hope, at least I’ve gotten a good impression of her when I’ve seen her earlier).

Ok, I better stop now and turn off the lights and go to sleep. I’ll try to write more tomorrow, about the terror attack in Stockholm among other things. Oh, how weird it felt to walk there two days afterwards! My dearest Stockholm!