My very first trip to America – part 1

Ok, I’m gonna take this in English only because it would take forever to write it in Swedish and then translate things.


We (me, my brother Simon and his wife Sarah) left Sweden on Friday afternoon and arrived Friday evening, April 6th. I kept telling myself that I this would be the first time I would truly experience jet lag since the flight was over ten hours and I hadn’t slept at all during that time… I only managed to shut my eyes, but to my surprise, the jet lag never hit me. 🙂 Sarah’s sister Katie picked us up at the airport and drove us to their father’s (and his cat’s) home where we would stay during our trip. I was already surprised that the roads didn’t have any streetlights, but more wonders would come.

Leaving Arlanda Airport


Saturday was the big day! We all dressed up and got ready for Katie’s wedding reception, hoping that the rain clouds would go away. The venue was outdoors in a pretty place with lots of nature and luckily under roof… because rain did come later in the evening. We helped setting the tables and decoration together with KT’s friends before the rest of the guests started to arrive. I wore a yellow lace dress with a turquoise bolero, but the weather was cold and I wasn’t the only one who was freezing, even if there was a bonfire burning next to the roof. Luckily for me, a friendly lady lended me a thin rain coat and Sarah found a blanket that I held onto tightly for the rest of the night – I don’t think anybody saw my pretty dress at all, haha! I didn’t know anybody, but people had fun and there were lots of vegan food. I had a fun time too. But I didn’t take any good pictures to share.


The day after was a good day to go to the High Museum of Art which had everything from exciting new architectural and interior design to African, European and North American art. The entrance was free that day so a lot of families and couples visited the museum at the same time. It was a large museum with several floors and rooms – you could really spend half a day there if you want to explore everything it offers. I think my favorite exhibition was the photographs of the civil rights movement and how people still today are fighting for their rights.

If I’m not mistaken, we went to a vegetarian restaurant with parrots (outside, at the entrance) for lunch. I had a spinach quesadilla and a smoothie of pear juice, dates and bee pollen. The smoothie tasted kind of weird so my brother had to help me finish it.

Later in the afternoon, KT joined us for movies and we decided to see The Black Panther even though I was the only one who hadn’t seen it yet. We shared a large popcorn bucket and got two sodas – the size of the cup was the size of my underarm! I chose to drink some lemonade but filled my cup up to half. It was large enough for me, haha.

And I noticed that in the beginning of the film, they showed some scenes from “the British museum”… but it was shot outside and inside of the museum we had visited the very same day! I guess they really do shoot a lot of movies in Georgia.


The next day we went to Atlanta History Center to walk around the grounds and teach ourselves a little bit of the history of Georgia. Simon and Sarah had already been there before so they showed me around a little. It reminded me a lot about Skansen back home in Stockholm, but it was naturally much bigger than that. It was nice to see so many green trees when it was still snowing a little bit the day we left. And the birds sang much more beautifully than the sparrows and magpies back home too, haha.

One of the bigger buildings was the Swan House. It had a big drive way and impressive facade and was built in the 1920’s. A family of five lives there until the 60’s if I’m not mistaken. A maid greeted us when we entered (and informed us that there were “sadly” no ghosts connected to the building when we asked) and an even more impressive stairway were before us. Under it was a radio playing some fun 20’s music and beautiful checkered marble floor. Their turquoise kitchen was large and their library, morning and dinner rooms were like taken from a scene from Downton Abbey. Although the library had a, in my opinion, funny painting above the fireplace – a lady with angels surrounding her, but they didn’t have bodies, only heads.

I had watched the first Hunger Games movie on TV some time before the trip and also recognized some scenes that had been filmed in this house and its (fantastic) gardens.

One of the more impressive rooms must have been the blue master bathroom, haha. Mirrors everywhere! And the master bedroom must have been the size of a smaller apartment.

After the visit we went to OK CafĂ©, a diner with an old school styling (even the waitresses wore classic 50’s waitress dresses and aprons). I almost felt like I was sitting in the diner in the Seinfeld shows! S and S ordered a hamburger each with fries and I got a chicken sandwich. He had a coke with that (that got refilled even though we were full so we took it with us home haha) and Sarah and I had a strawberry milkshake each. ❀


My birthday 2017

SĂ„ min födelsedag började med en dugga om ett flertal histologiska preparat man skulle kunna identifiera utan att fĂ„ veta vilken del i kroppen man tittar i. Man fick 10 bilder (av kanske 50-70 frĂ„n listan) och hade man 4 fel skulle man bli underkĂ€nd. Jag gick dit och skrev sĂ„ gott jag kunde men ju lĂ€ngre tiden gick desto mer nervös och Ă€ngslig blev jag. Och sĂ„ tĂ€nkte jag pĂ„ vykortet jag fick med posten pĂ„ morgonen – allas namns finns dĂ€ri förutom pappas. Och dĂ„ blev jag ledsen, att jag bara fick 21 födelsedagar med honom (20 eftersom jag inte var hemma förra Ă„ret, mamma kom hit och överraskade mig). SĂ„ jag ringde mamma och hon hörde att jag var ledsen och körde hit efter jobbet. Jag ville egentligen inte att nĂ„gon skulle komma för jag tĂ€nkte plugga för tentan veckan dĂ€rpĂ„, men jag var sĂ„ ledsen sĂ„ det skulle inte gĂ„ att koncentrera mig den dagen Ă€ndĂ„. Mamma och Sarah kom, hade med sig ballonger, gula girlanger, tĂ„rta, blommor och presenter. Och sakta sĂ„ blev dagen bĂ€ttre. ♄ Vi gick och Ă„t middag pĂ„ Koh Phangan bakom universitetshuset – jag har bara sett den utifrĂ„n men det sĂ„g Ă€nnu bĂ€ttre ut inuti! Jag kan absolut rekommendera den, maten var jĂ€ttegod (deras kokos milkshake ocksĂ„ ♄) och inredningen spĂ€nnande. Det skulle kĂ€nnas som att man var pĂ„ en ThailĂ€ndsk strand pĂ„ riktigt med blinkande lampor, reggae musik (inte ThailĂ€ndsk haha?) och mysiga bord. Och, det jag tyckte var mest spĂ€nnande, musiken avbröts… för fejk Ă„ska!! SÅ kul, haha! Det kom Ă„skmuller genom högtalarna istĂ€llet, haha. Definitivt ett roligt stĂ€lle att gĂ„ till med vĂ€nner.

TĂ„rtan var liten, jĂ€ttegod och mĂ€ktig, och vi var sĂ„ mĂ€tta efter middagen sĂ„ de fick ta med sig en bit hem. Till present fick jag (!!) en Nintendo Switch!!!!! MED (bl.a.) ZELDA SPELET SOM JAG FANGIRLADE OM TIDIGARE HÄR I BLOGGEN!! Jag har tyvĂ€rr inte hunnit spela det Ă€n (tenta + omtenta + SOFOSKO + Ă„ker hem pĂ„ helgerna + snart dags för nĂ€sta omtenta), men jag ska definitivt göra det sĂ„ fort jag har tid över!

Men min födelsedag kanske började dĂ„ligt men den slutade underbart. Är sĂ„ glad att de kom, ballongerna har knappt nĂ„got helium kvar i sig men de ligger hĂ€r pĂ„ golvet bredvid mig, haha. Och jag klarade av duggan som tur var, hade inte orkat med ett till “bakslag” i plugget.

So my birthday begun with a mini exam on several histological samples that we were supposed to identify without knowing which part of the body we’re looking at. You got 10 pictures (of maybe 50-70 from the list) and if you got 4 of them wrong, you failed. I went there and wrote down my best answers, but the longer the time passed afterwards, the more nervous and anxious I became. And I started thinking of the post card I got that morning – everyone’s names were written inside except for dad’s. And then I got sad, I only got to spend 21 birthdays with him (or 20 because I wasn’t home last year, mom came and surprised me). So I called mom and she noticed that I was sad and drove to here after work. I really didn’t want anyone to come because I was planning on studying for the exam on the week after, but I was so sad and wouldn’t be able to concentrate that day anyway. Mom and Sarah came and had brought balloons, yellow paper garlands, cake, flowers and gifts. And the day slowly got better. ♄ We went for dinner at Koh Phangan behind the university hall – I had only seen it from outside but it looked even better inside! I definitely recommend it, the food was great (and so was their coconut milkshake ♄) and the interior was exciting. The idea was that it would feel like sitting on a beach in Thailand with colorful stringlights, reggae music (not Thai haha?) and cosy tables. And, the most exciting thing in my opinion, was when the music got interrupted…  by a fake thunderstorm!! SO fun, haha! The sound of thunder came through the speakers instead, haha. It’s definitely a fun place to go with friends.

The cake was small, super good and mighty in flavours and we were so full after dinner they had to bring some back home. For presents I got (!!) a Nintendo Switch!!!!! WITH (among another game) THE ZELDA GAME I WAS FANGIRLING ABOUT EARLIER!! I unfortunately haven’t had time to play it yet (exam + exam to take again + summer research school + went home on the weekends + another exam to take again soon) but I will as soon I have the time to!

My birthday may have started badly but it ended wonderfully. I’m so glad they came, the balloons hardly have any helium left in them but they lie here on the floor next to me, haha. And, luckily, I passed that mini exam. I don’t know how I would’ve reacted if I got another failure in school.

Easter 2017

PĂ„sken började med pappas begravning pĂ„ skĂ€rtorsdagen och jag tror inte jag tĂ€nker skriva om den… det var fint och sĂ„, men jobbigt förstĂ„s. Men han Ă€r liksom inte död för mig, Ă€ven om jag vet att han Ă€r det i verkligheten. Och börjar tĂ„rarna komma sĂ„ jag ska inte skriva mer om det, hehe. :’)

PĂ„ lĂ„ngfredagen var det dags att flytta. FrĂ„n mitt inneboende till ett korridorrum nĂ„gon gata lĂ€ngre bort dom jag stannar i en mĂ„nad. Jag hann hĂ€lsa pĂ„ tvĂ„ andra som stannade dĂ€r under pĂ„sken, Alicia och Tiffany (?), och de verkade jĂ€ttetrevliga! Hoppas det kommer fungera bra i en mĂ„nad nu. Jag Ă„ker till mitt rum senare idag. 🙂 Ser fram emot min nya kontorsstol och gardinerna mamma klippte ihop av pĂ„slakan (hon kunde inte stĂ„ emot hur billiga de var pĂ„ IKEA, haha…).

Och pĂ„ lördagen Ă„kte jag, brorsan och hans fĂ€stmö in till Hotell Diplomat (kĂ€nde mig orolig innan att jag inte skulle passa in pĂ„ ett sĂ„nt stĂ€lle, men det var lugnt) för Afternoon Tea. JĂ€ttegott! Jag bestĂ€llde in en kanna te som hette “Marco Polo” som smakade lite fruktigt. Det var inspirerat av hans resor och beskrivningen lĂ€t som en resebrochyr sĂ„ jag var ju bara tvungen att ta den, haha! Brorsan tog hotellets egna blandning och den smakade starkt (!!) och luktade Ă€nnu starkare, haha! Tur att jag inte valde det, jag Ă€r inte sĂ„ förtjust i te som smakar som att de har dragit i flera timmar.

Snittarna var goda (speciellt den med paprikafyllning!) och de pÄskinspirerade bakverken ocksÄ. Men bÀst var kanske de nygrÀddade sconesen, gÄr ju inte att stÄ emot nÀr man Àlskar bröd heller! TvÄ stycken smÄ scones fick man, plus smÄ skÄlar med vaniljsmetana, drottningmarmelad och grÀddig lemoncurd tror jag.

EfterĂ„t gick vi vidare till Sephora dĂ€r Sarah (brorsans fĂ€stmö) sĂ„g till att jag hamnade i en stol och att en makeup artist fixade till mig! KĂ€ndes kul men annorlunda eftersom jag typ aldrig har smink pĂ„ mig. 😛 Sminkösen (sĂ€ger man sĂ„ pĂ„ svenska eller handlar det bara om teaterfolk?) var supertrevlig och rolig att prata med, och hon var snĂ€ll som frĂ„gade mig innan om det var okej att sĂ€tta pĂ„ nĂ„t mer eller om jag skulle tycka att det skulle kĂ€nnas konstigt. Det slutade med att vi gick dĂ€rifrĂ„n med varsin kasse plus gratisprover eftersom Sarah var med i deras lojalitetsprogram hemma i USA.

Och sist men inte minst sĂ„ stannade vi en stund i KungstrĂ€dgĂ„rden och fotade alla körsbĂ€rstrĂ€d förstĂ„s! SĂ„ rosa och fina! Vi hjĂ€lpte nĂ„gra turister att ta bild ocksĂ„. 😉

Och sedan dess har jag vara varit hemma och lÀst fyra artiklar till ett grupparbete. Jag skulle hitta fyra artiklar om hur man kan behandla högt blodtryck och njursjukdom. Jag hoppas jag kommer med nÄgot bra pÄ torsdag dÄ jag ska presentera en av dem.

Och just det! Jag sökte till att lĂ€sa en grundkurs i persiska nĂ€sta termin, kĂ€nner lite för att lĂ€ra mig baserna i alla fall. Kanske för att pappa gick bort, jag vet inte. Men i alla fall. 15 hp pĂ„ halvfart som distanskurs fast det leds av Uppsala Universitet. 🙂

Easter began with dad’s funeral on Maundy Thursday and I don’t think I’ll write about it… it was beautiful and so, but though of course. But he’s not really dead to me, even though I know he is in reality. And now I can feel my tears welling up so I’ll stop here, hehe. :’)

On Good Friday, it was moving day for me. From my roommate’s student apartment to a dorm room a few streets away which I will stay at for a month. I did meet two other dorm room mates who stayed there for Easter, Alicia and Tiffany (?), and they seemed really nice! I hope it’ll all go well this month now. I’ll go to my room later today. 🙂 I really look forward to my new office chair and the curtains mom cut from bed sheets (she couldn’t resist the cheap IKEA price, haha…). 

And on the Saturday, I, my brother and his fiancĂ©e went to Hotel Diplomat (I was worried that I wouldn’t fit in such a fancy place, but it was ok) for some Afternoon Tea. It was lovely! I ordered a pot of tea called “Marco Polo” which tasted a little fruity. It was inspired by his travels and the description sounded like a travel guide so I just had to pick that one, haha! Big bro had the hotel’s own tea blend and it tastes strongly (!!) and smelled even stronger, haha! I’m glad I didn’t pick that one, I don’t really like tea that taste like they’ve been brewing for hours.

The small sandwiches were good (especially the one with bell pepper filling!) and the Easter inspired pastries/desserts too. But perhaps the freshly baked scones were the best, it’s impossible to not like them if you’re a bread lover just like me! Two scones per guest served with vanilla smetana, Queen’s marmalade (blueberries, raspberries and blackberries) and a creamy lemon curd I believe.

Afterwards, we went to Sephora where Sarah (my brother’s fiancĂ©e) made sure I was seated in a stool and that a makeup artist made me pretty! It was fun but different since I pretty much never wear makeup. 😛 The makeup artist was really friendly and fun to talk to, and she was very sweet to ask me if it was ok to add something on or if I would feel like it was too much. And the visit ended with us both leaving with a bag plus some free samples because Sarah is in their loyalty program in the states.

And finally we stopped at KungstrĂ€dgĂ„rden (“King’s Garden”) and snapped photos of all the cherry blossom trees! So pink and pretty! We also helped some tourists with taking pictures too. 😉

And since then I’ve just stayed at home and read four articles for a group work. I was supposed to find four articles on how to treat hypertension and renal determination. I hope I’ll come up with something good on Thursday, that’s when I’m supposed to present one of the articles.

Oh right! I applied to take a beginners class in Persian next term, I feel like I need to learn at least the basics. Maybe because dad passed away, I don’t know. Whatever. 15 credits on half speed and as a distance course even though it’s held by Uppsala University. 🙂

Cinnamon buns ♄

Firar Kanelbullens dag med tvĂ„ billiga bullar frĂ„n den lilla lokala matbutiken (2 st för 10kr! ♄) som jag tĂ€nker Ă€ta upp senare idag. TĂ€nker avsluta dagen med en dusch, film och mys i sĂ€ngen med mina bullar, hehe. Det har ju blivit sĂ„ kallt ute! Brr!

Jag vet att jag tĂ€nkte skriva lite vad som hĂ€nder i pĂ„gĂ„ende kurs, men jag tror att jag hoppar över det helt och hĂ„llet. Är sĂ„ mycket som mĂ„ste göras och förstĂ„s sĂ„ jag kĂ€nner inte för att skriva ned saker, haha. Kursens namn Ă€r ganska talande för sig sjĂ€lvt ocksĂ„: “embryologi och vĂ€vnadsbiologi”. Precis som det lĂ„ter som, haha. Men jag kanske kan försöka skriva lite varje dag i fortsĂ€ttningen om vad jag har gjort under dagen? Lite som en dagbok.

NĂ€, nu ska jag fortsĂ€tta med seminariepluggandet! Gav upp pĂ„ en av dem igĂ„r för jag förstod verkligen inte vad det var jag lĂ€ste i de angivna artiklarna och kan inte svara pĂ„ frĂ„gorna dĂ„ heller… sĂ„ jag hoppas att jag inte Ă€r den enda som kommer dyka upp och kĂ€nna mig helt lost.


I celebrate Sweden’s national cinnamon bun day today with two cheap buns from the small, local supermarket (2 for 10 SEK! ♄ ) which I plan on eating later today. I’m gonna finish this day with a shower, a movie, my cosy bed and the buns, hehe. It’s so cold outside! Brr!

I know I thought about writing about what’s going on in this course, but I think I’ll just skip that. There’s so much to do and understand so I don’t feel like writing stuff down, haha. The name of the course is kinda self explanatory too: “embryology and tissue biology”. But maybe I should write a little every day in the future about what’s happened during the days? Like a diary.

Well. Now I’m gonna continue with studying for the seminars! I gave up on one of them yesterday because I couldn’t understand at all what I was reading in the articles we were given, so I can’t really answer the questions either then… so I hope I’m not the only one who will show up and feeling completely lost.

VegomĂ€ssan // The Veggie Fair

Förra helgen var det dags för VegomÀssan. MÀssan har funnits i tio Är men det var första gÄngen för mig och det hölls i NackastrandsmÀssan i Är. Min vÀn Alva Àr vegan (följ hennes Instagram för bilder i food porn kvalité) och har gÄtt pÄ mÀssan tidigare och ville ta med mig i vintras men dÄ kunde jag inte. Jag Àr varken vegetarian eller vegan men jag tycker absolut att man borde Àta mer grönsaker (frÀmst i vÀstvÀrlden skulle jag nog sÀga (och jag Àter mer vegetariskt nÀr jag bor ensam i Uppsala (tror jag, inget jag riktigt skriver ned eller sÄ))) och Àr öppen att prova nya saker sÄ jag följde med. SÄ vi blev tre personer totalt som vaknade tidigt för att komma fram för att fÄ goodie bags, vilket lönade sig. UngefÀr en halvtimme senare blev kön vÀldigt lÄng och hade vi tagit tÄget in mot stan en halvtimme senare hade vi garanterat blivit utan pÄsarna.


It was a cloudy day over Stockholm last weekend. Here at Slussen, waiting for the bus to take us to Nacka.

InslĂ€ppet gick bra och min vĂ€n var som ett litet barn i en godisbutik – glĂ€djen strĂ„lade genom ögonen! Vi gick runt och provade matprodukter sĂ„som sojabitar, vegansk ost, kaffe med “mjölk”, mangoglass med chili (fast jag kĂ€nde ingen chilismak faktiskt, var mest som mangosorbet – kanske inte fick nĂ„gon chiliflaga pĂ„ min sked?) och kikade pĂ„ t-shirts, skor och andra produkter. Mycket var till ett bra pris inne i mĂ€ssan (1 liter vaniljyoghurt, matlagningsgrĂ€dde och kaffe med mjölk för 20 kronor, nĂ„gon?) och mina vĂ€nner köpte pĂ„ sig en hel del… nĂ„got som jag inte kunde göra eftersom jag glömde plĂ„nboken hemma. Attans. Jag fick nöja mig med innehĂ„llet i min goodie bag istĂ€llet.

Ganska snabbt kĂ€nde jag mig som det svarta fĂ„ret bland allt folk. Som att jag inte egentligen hörde hemma dĂ€r dĂ„ mĂ€ssan inte var riktad Ă„t mig, nĂ„gon som fortfarande Ă€ter kött, Ă€ven om det kanske Ă€r fel att tĂ€nka sĂ„. MĂ€ssan uppmanar samhĂ€llet till att allt mer övergĂ„ till veganism och riktade sig frĂ€mst till veganer och inte sĂ„ mycket till de som Ă€r nyfikna och kan tĂ€nka sig att bli veganer men inte riktigt vet hur, eller var, de ska starta. Vilket kanske ocksĂ„ Ă€r fel att sĂ€ga, men jag fick i alla fall det intrycket. Å andra sidan sĂ„ Ă€r man nog redan nyfiken om man Ă€r villig att betala intrĂ€desbiljett sĂ„ det kanske skulle vara meningslöst att satsa nĂ„got för oss icke-veganer. Vad vet jag. NĂ„ja.

StĂ€mningen var god i hela mĂ€sslokalen (och utanför dĂ€r det fanns food trucks med oĂ€ndliga köer) trots att det var trĂ„ngt. Jag rekommenderar mĂ€ssan till att flytta till en större lokal som KistamĂ€ssan eller ÄlvjömĂ€ssan/StockholmsmĂ€ssan i framtiden dĂ„ jag tror att detta intresse kommer att öka de kommande Ă„ren i och med att det blir lĂ€ttare att fĂ„ tag pĂ„ veganska produkter och att fler skolungdomar Ă€r vegetarianer.

Vi gick pĂ„ tvĂ„ föredrag ocksĂ„ (den ena av misstag dĂ„ vi tog fel pĂ„ tiden) och de var, i min mening, mĂ„ttligt intressanta. Det första handlade om det brittiska företaget Plamils historia och försök att utvinna vĂ€tska ur kĂ„l för att ersĂ€tta komjölken, bĂ„de för veganer och för laktos- och mjölkproteinintoleranta personer. Det andra föredragets budskap var att alla veganer skulle uppmuntra vĂ€nner till att prova Ă€ta mer grönt och visa att man inte alls behöver vara nyttig hela tiden (en dammsugare Ă€r ju inte sĂ€rskilt nyttig haha ♄) bara för att man Ă€r vegan. SĂ„ det föredraget var inte riktat till mig, men jag kan absolut förstĂ„ vad förelĂ€saren ville sĂ€ga. Hon berĂ€ttade dock en grej som fick mig att haja till: mobilskal kan ju ha skinn pĂ„ sig ibland (vilket Ă€r idiotiskt i min mening) för att ge en mer dyrbar och lyxig kĂ€nsla eller utseende. Ibland nĂ€r hon kollade pĂ„ skal till sig sjĂ€lv sĂ„ sĂ„g hon dessa skinnskal och kunde ta med den till kassan för att frĂ„ga “Är det riktigt skinn pĂ„ det hĂ€r?” varav killen i kassan svarade nĂ„got i stil med “Javisst, grymt cool eller hur!” och hennes svar blev dĂ„ ett förskrĂ€ckt utrop varpĂ„ hon kastade skalet pĂ„ försĂ€ljaren. Hon ville fĂ„ folk att tĂ€nka att det Ă€r fel att ha skinn pĂ„ nĂ„got som en löjlig accessoar som ett mobilskal, och jag förstĂ„r henne. DĂ€remot tycker jag synd om killen i kassan som blev överraskad – han gör ju bara sitt jobb att fĂ„ kunden att gilla en vara som kunden sedan köper. Han sköter ju inte inköpen i företaget, det gör ju nĂ„gon högre upp. Om jag var försĂ€ljaren skulle jag försöka sĂ€lja in ett liknande skal utan skinn och ta upp hennes klagomĂ„l till chefen som fĂ„r föra det vidare. Och som min ena vĂ€n sa senare: man vill ju inte fĂ„ veganer att framstĂ„ som galna och aggressiva , sĂ„ det kanske var dumt att göra sĂ„. Men man mĂ„ste ju fĂ„ folk att reagera ibland…

Senare pĂ„ dagen kom Ă€ven min vĂ€ns pojkvĂ€n och hans kompis, men jag gick hem tidigare Ă€n vad de gjorde för att sĂ€ga hejdĂ„ till min ena storebror som skulle Ă„ka till Tyskland och hĂ€lsa pĂ„ en god vĂ€n till honom. 🙂

It was time for the Swedish Veggie Fair last weekend. The fair has been going on for ten years but this was my first time visiting it and it was held at NackastrandmĂ€ssan this time. My friend Alva is a vegan (follow her Instagram account for photos of food porn quality) and have been going to the fair earlier and wanted me to come along last winter but I couldn’t go. I’m neither a vegeterian nor a vegan but I do think one should eat more veggies (especially in the western world I’d say (and I do eat more vegetable based food when I live alone in Uppsala (I think, it’s nothing I really keep in a journal or so))) and I’m open to trying new things so I joined this time. So we ended up as three people waking up early to get some goodie bags, which payed. After about half an hour after our arrival, the queue behind us had become very long and if we had taken the train to the city half an hour later, we defenitely wouldn’t get those bags.

We were let in smoothly and my friend was like a child in the candy shop – the joy literary beamed through her eyes! We strolled and tried food products such as soy strips, vegan cheese, coffee with “milk”, mango ice cream with chili (but I actually didn’t taste the chili, it was more like mango sherbet – maybe I didn’t get a piece of chili on my spoon?) and looked at t-shirts, shoes and other things. A lot of stuff were for sale for a very cheap price (1 litre vanilla yoghurt, single/light cream and coffee with milk for 20 SEK (about 2.37 USD) anyone?) and my friends did buy a lot of things… something that I couldn’t do because I forgot my wallet at home. Crap. I had to be satisfied with the things that was in my goodie bag instead.

These vegan chocolate cakes looked amazing with those flower arrangements on top! Too bad we didn’t win in the company’s contest so we could taste it!

Pretty soon I began to feel like the black sheep among all the people. As if I really didn’t belong there since the fair wasn’t really for people like me, someone who still eats meat, even though it might be wrong to think like that. The fair urged society to more and more turn to a vegan diet and aimed mainly at vegans and not so much on those who are curious and are thinking of becoming vegans but don’t really know how, or where, to start. Which may also bbe wrong to say, but at least I did get that impression. On the other hand,  I suppose one already is curious if one’s willing to pay for a ticket, so it might be meaningless to invest on something for us non-vegans. But what do I know. Whatever.

The mood was good inside the whole fair local (and outside where there was food trucks with endless queues) even though it was crowded. I recommend the fair to move to a bigger location in the future, such as KistamĂ€ssan or ÄlvsjömĂ€ssan/StockholmsmĂ€ssan, because I think this interest will grow the following years since it’s getting more easy to get vegan  food and more school kids are becoming vegetarians.


This was in the goodie bag: a magazine, a lip balm (smells like caramel!), an ad pamplet, licorice candy, a large mint chocolate bar, vegan chipotle mayo, frozen soy strips and frozen “pulled veggie”.

We went to two lectures as well (one of them by mistake since we took the wrong time) and they were, in my opinion, moderately interesting. The first one was about the British company Plamil‘s history and their attempts on extract fluids from cabbage to replace cow milk, both for vegans and for lactose- and milk proteins intolerant persons. The other lecture’s message was for all the vegans to encourage their friends to try eating more vegetables and show that you don’t always need to eat healthy (a Swedish “dammsugare” (literary “vaccuum cleaner”, a marzipan treat) isn’t really that healthy haha ♄) just because you’re a vegan. So that lecture wasn’t really for me, but I can absolutely understand what the lecturer wanted to say. She didn though tell a story that made me react: smart phone cases can have leather on them sometimes (which is idiotic in my opinion) to give a more expensive and luxurious feeling or look. Sometimes when looking for a phone case for herself, she would see these leather cases and bring it with her to the cashier and ask “Is this real leather?” whereof the cashier guy then would say something like “Of course, that’s really cool, isn’t it!” and her answer would be a terrified cry and throw the case at the seller. She wanted people to think that it’s wrong to have leather on something so silly like a phone case, and I understand her. However, I do feel sorry for the cashier guy that got sursprised – he’s only doing his job to get the customer to like and choose a product the costumer later will buy. He’s not responsible for ordering new items, that’s the job of someone else with a higher position in the company. If I were the seller, I’d try to show her a different case with a similar look without leather and bring her complaint to my boss who has to take it from there. And like one of my friends later said: you don’t want people to think that all vegans are crazy and agressive, so that might have been stupid to act like that. But you have to make people react and think sometimes…

Later that day, my friend’s boyfriend and his friend joined in but I went home earlier than they did to say good bye to one of my big brothers who were flying to Germany to visit a close friend of his. 🙂



My cute desk calendar I got from my pen pal Yuko. ♄

PĂ„ nĂ„got sĂ€tt har det hunnit bli juni och sommarlov – yaaay! Mitt rum ser nĂ„got bĂ€ttre nu nĂ€r jag har packat upp alla (nĂ„ja, nĂ€stan) mina saker som jag hade med till Uppsala. Inte sĂ„ mycket har hĂ€nt annars. Du vet, sommarlovsdagar har en tendens att bli ganska slöa och lata. Precis som de ska vara! 😛

PĂ„ nationaldagen bakade jag en rabarberpaj pĂ„ vĂ„ra egna rabarber till oss i familjen, skickade lite mejl (bl.a. till Ergo, Uppsala studentkĂ„rs tidning,  om att jag kan tĂ€nka mig att teckna serier Ă„t dem nĂ€sta Ă„r – fĂ„r se vad de tycker) och sedan bar det av till Jessica och Alva för att catcha up lite och laga middag till oss sjĂ€lva. Det blev vegansk burgare med sötpotatis-frites! Yum! Alva tog en fin bild och lade upp pĂ„ hennes Instagramkonto:


Chickpea and rice burger with lettuce, beetroot, tomatoes, sprouts and guacamole, served with sweet potato fries.

Somehow, June is already here and summer vacation too – yaaay! My room looks somewhat better now when I have unpacked all (well, almost) my things I had brought to Uppsala. Nothing much have happened recently otherwise. You know, summer vacation days have a tendency to turn out pretty slow and lazy. Exactly how they’re  supposed to be! 😛

On the national day (6th June) I made a rhubarb pie for my family and I, made of our own rhubarbs, I sent some e-mails (to Ergo, Uppsala student union’s magazine among others, applying to their job as a cartoonist next year – let’s see what they think) and then I went to Jessica and Alva to catch up a little and cooking dinner for ourselves. We ate vegan burgers with sweet potatoes fries! Yum! Alva took a nice picture and uploaded on her Instagram account (see the picture above).


Now I’m gonna draw a little and listen to music – have a nice day! ♄