For some reason, I’m often in the mood to listen to electronic music just before I go to sleep which makes it even harder to go to bed..! Because the music is so energetic and alive! Ugh! Anyways, I really like Jolin Tsai’s “Play” and just found out that Alesso had made a remix of it and I’m so obessed with it!! Seriously, it is soooo good so I decided to share it with you all!

Here’s tonight’s playlist before bed – Jolin Tsai and Alesso with “Play” and CAPSULE’s “Dreamin’ Boy”, an electronic trap song and an EDM trance house song!

(Dreamin’ Boy starts at 0:56 ♥)

Thank you 2NE1 

2NE1 was the first k-pop girl group I truly loved and the first band I loved. I loved their uniqueness, their lyrics filled with girl power, their bold experiments with different music genre and their fierce live performances. Today was it officially announced that 2NE1 is no more and a part of k-pop history.

Thank you 2NE1 for bringing joy to me and for letting me find people across the globe with the exact same interests as me – 2NE1. I’m proud to have been a Blackjack.

♠️♦️♣️♥️ #ThankYou2NE1 ♠️♦️♣️♥️



Album cover of Utada Hikaru’s “Fantôme”.

One of my favourite Japanese artists, Hikaru Utada, has finally released her new album “Fantôme” a few weeks ago, and now I’ve finally listened to it a few times! Her latest Japanese album, “Heart Station”, was released 8 years ago and her latest American album, “This Is The One”, was released 7 years ago. So many fans, including me, have been waiting for a very long time for a new album! And this bilingual (maybe even multilingual?) lady hasn’t disappointed us!

I’m not going to review every single song in this review, not like I did for Kaleo’s “A/B”, but more of the overall impression I got from listening to the album.

“Fantôme”‘s sound is less pop-heavy as “Heart Station” and more stripped-down. Two examples of this is “真夏の通り雨” (“Manatsu no Tooriame” or “Midsummer Showers“) where only a piano and strings can be heard in the beginning, and “人魚” (“Ningyo” or “Mermaid“) where only a harp and drums can be heard along with Utada’s beautiful voice and back-up voices. Even of the lack of instruments, I can already say it’ll be one of my favourite songs by her – the way she softly sings feels like a blessing. And like many might have noticed by now, “Fantôme” surely sounds much different compared with her older works. I don’t ever think there’s been a rap/r’n’b song included in her Japanese albums before? We’ve heard some r’n’b beats in her American albums, but this time, in “忘却 feat. Kohh” (“Boukyaku” or “Forgotten“) it’s mostly not Utada herself who sings (or raps). I think this song is brilliant, she’s not the focus of the song, but Kohh and Utada complement each other perfectly. The dreamy beginning is pure perfection too. I wish I could understand the lyrics though, I bet it’s powerful.

However, being one of Japan’s biggest pop artists, I don’t think this album would have been complete without a pop song either. Funky tunes can be heard in “荒野の狼” (“Kouya no Ookami” or “Wolf in the Wilderness“) (though it’s still very stripped down in my opinion) and “ともだち feat. 小袋成彬” (“Tomodachi” or “Friend“) might be the album’s only song with a more or less pop sound with electronic sounding drums and guitar and a catchy, quick-paced chorus.

“Fantôme” might not be my favourite album by her at the moment, even though all the songs are good. I can’t really say why, but maybe I just prefer her pop songs like “Travelling” more. But I can already say that I love the last song of the album, “桜流し” (“Sakura Nagashi” or “Flowing Cherry Blossoms“), since I heard it for the first time two years ago and I’m so happy it’s included in the album.

So, my favourite songs are: 俺の彼女 (“Ore no Kanojo” or “My Girlfriend“) (because who doesn’t love Utada’s French? ♥), 花束を君に (“Hanabata wo Kimi Ni” or “A bouquet of flowers for you“), “人魚” (“Ningyo” or “Mermaid“),  “真夏の通り雨” (“Manatsu no Tooriame” or “Midsummer Showers“), “忘却 feat. Kohh” (“Boukyaku” or “Forgotten“) and 桜流し (“Sakura Nagashi“).

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A Head Full of Dreams Tour

Let me write this is English because it’s sunny outside and I wanna be out (and I guess I’m too lazy to write everything in both Swedish and English lol). As you might know already, I went to Coldplay’s concert in Stockholm together with one of my big brothers a few days ago. Two words to describe the concert: ‘magical’ and ‘happiness’. Because that was what it was, honestly. It was  a m a z i n g  !!

Big bro and I woke up early to get good spots (since we had standing tickets) and finally arrived at Friends Arena after a delayed trip (we had looked up the wrong time for when the bus would go, so we had to walk pretty far since it only went once an hour on Sunday mornings). We got number 19 and 20 in the queue, which sounded great! And there were no call to check if everyone still are in the queue, which ment that we could walk quite freely around the arena to check out the tour merchandise and inside Mall of Scandinavia to check out the summer sales and buy some food for ourselves. Sweet!


Pretty much all the photos in this blog post was taken by my brother – to see more pics from the concert, click here to go to his Flickr page.

Deciding which t-shirt we wanted was difficult (since almost all of them had more or less the same print), but I decided for a female t-shirt with lyrics from “Adventure of a Lifetime” written in a heart shape and big bro got himself one with the band printed on it (I also thought about getting it). I thought that mine’s a bit more casual than the other tour t-shirts with tour dates printed on the back and so – I could wear this one as a normal t-shirt (if no one comes up close and reads the lyrics in the heart or sees the back). ♥

So waiting for at least 9 hours before we would be allowed inside the arena wasn’t that difficult. We saw the tour buses which contained parts of the stage I think! When everyone were let inside the arena, we were given Xylobands (and a pin that said “LOVE”) that everyone would wear during the concert. They would lit up in different colors and twinkle together – the arena looked magical when they did! I got a red Xyloband. However, when we would be let in, it was chaos. No security guard really knew what they were doing (giving instructions only in Swedish and telling that “if you don’t know Swedish, ask someone to translate this for you”… in Swedish! Ugh. Also “Everyone with a Golden Circle ticket, please go to the right” while she points to the left… without a megaphone, she wasn’t heard. Luckily we had ordinary standing tickets and just could continue forward) and we were standing next to people with queue number 192 (!). It felt pretty badly organized by both fans who made the queue and the security staff when we, who had number 19 and 20, are next to number 192… what happened? Ok, Friends Arena is a large stadium, but still.

And my problems didn’t stop there. I barely saw anything the whole night even though I was standing as close as one could get to the stage (with an ordinary standing ticket that is)! There were volunteers for Global Citizen asking people to sign their names for clean water before we were allowed inside the arena, and they apparently were let in before the rest of us. Which was unfair in my opinion. I had bought a ticket months in advance, I had stood in line since 8 in the morning and I should have been standing right behind the security fence – not the volunteers who blocked my view. Also, this girl next to me turned her head all the time so I got her hair in my face all. the. time. Sigh. I took my revenge by jumping like crazy when the concert began and being an annoying neighbour, lol.

Ok, enough whining I suppose. The concert was, like I said, truly amazing. It was so much fun, I eventually stopped caring if I saw anything or not. Alessia Cara and Birdie performed before Coldplay, and I think it was a bit too much actually. I really like Alessia’s “Here” and was excited to hear it live, and Birdie was amazing as well, but to stand up 4 hours before we would get to see Coldplay… was a bit too much I think. One act before Coldplay would have been enough. My feet began to hurt, I just had to sit down when Birdie had finished her act and I didn’t care if there were no space to sit on. People would have to make space for me and, surprisingly to me, they actually did. Thank god!


Photos from Coldplay’s official Twitter account.

The audience cheered on Coldplay to come and start the show, and when they did, I swear, everyone in the arena went crazy. EVERYONE WERE SO PUMPED! I was crazy. The crowd were crazy. I haven’t been to many concerts in my life, but this audience have been the best one I’ve ever experienced. We sang during every song! No exeption! We cheered all the time and clapped our hands and everyone had smiles on their faces during the whole time. I actually cried when “Clocks” was played – I love it so much and have listened to it so many times, I guess it just hit me at that time how lucky I was to see Coldplay live and experience this. I was so happy, haha. ♥ There were fireworks, butterfly, square and star shaped confetti falling from the roof, laser beams, balloons for us with the standing tickets to play with and hit at… Coldplay really made sure everyone had a great time and spoiled us. ♥ And, like the name of their album and the tour, everything felt colorful, magical and dreamy. There were so many colors which made me so happy, I love colors. It truly felt like being in a dream, a dream that was too good to be true. But it was true!

To sum things up, it was a concert I won’t forget as long as I live. It was a great mix of old and new songs. Thank you, Coldplay, for bringing me on this dream with you. ♥

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More time, please

Yes, I do have things to write, but so little time! Here’s some songs to entertain you. >___<

Coldplay – Hymn For The Weekend

Because I’ll see them live on Sunday!! So excited!

Lana Del Rey – Wayamaya

Queen of Oceans and Seas composes the perfect, slow summer love song ever made.

Joe Hisaishi – Summer

Always makes me think of summetime ♥

Simon & Garfunkel – Cecilia

Love the ending! “Jubilation”!



(I’m too lazy to write this in Swedish too, so… yeah anyways, pretty much everyone understands English anyway soooo without any further ado…)

Kaleo’s debut album “A/B” arrived in the mail today! I’ve been following this Icelandic indie rock band for a couple of months now and it felt natural to pre-order their album after listening to their fantastic songs. I’m listening to the album at the moment, I’ll write a little about the songs below.

The album package is made of paper (I thought it would be a plastic hard case – but paper is better for the environment I suppose 🙂 ) and the only colors are black and white. Except for the photo taken over Iceland covered in snow. But that one is pretty black and white as well. A very thin booklet is included with a photo of the four members of Kaleo on the cover and information about who made the songs on the inside. The back simply tells us the members’ names. And the CD? A black and white zoomed in picture of one of their hand prints, seen on the cover.

After listening to the whole album, I noticed one thing. When looking at the cover, you understand quite quickly that “A/B” is divided in two parts – A and B. The A part seems to be much more rock ‘n’ roll while the B part seems to be much more soft. I’m not really a rock ‘n’ roll girl, but boy – if I hear these songs live, I’ll defenitely feel alive. They are maded to be played on stage, and it feels a bit sad that they’re stuck on this CD… if you understand what I mean? No matter, I’m pretty sure I’ll still play them with my mp3-player to get that kick-ass feel you get from some certain songs.

Ok, the A/B album contains these ten songs:

No good

This quick-paced rock song is something I think everyone will like. It’s great! It’s fun! The beginning is interesting and you can’t wait to hear the rest. The tamburine in the background keep you  on pin and needles… and then the drums comes. And the heavy bass. My favourite part would have to be the ending really, how everything kind of slows down with those heavy guitars before JJ Julius son (the singer) gives you that last rock ‘n’ roll scream – and then it’s over you can’t wait for the next song.

Way down we go

I love “Way down we  go”. It was the first song I heard by Kaleo and I think it’ll always be a favourite. But… I wished it had been placed last on the A part of the album (that is, after “Hoot blood”). After such an energetic start with “No good”, it feels… I dunno, misplaced? “Way down we go” is a heavy, a bit dark song and quite slow. After “No good”, I’d prefer another energetic song, but that might just be me.

Ok, to the song. Here’s another great song which makes you think you’ve had a though day and stomp your feet into a thick layer of new snow with the rythm of the drums. You’re going down with someone you love. They’re gonna get you and there’s nothing you can do about it. … Ok, I might not be so good at telling how good the song is, so just go and listen to it on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes or something and you’ll understand.

Broken bones

Here’s another heavy song. However, it feels warmer and it’s more swingingly (is that a word?). But if you listen to the lyrics, you can tell it’s not a happy song, even though the music could (with some imagination, if you don’t think about the tamburine sounding like chains) suggest so. “The devil’s gonna make me a free man”, “Ain’t no place to call a home”, “I saw my chance so I got him at last/I took his six shooter, put two in his chest”. I guess you might say this is a blues song? Like, an old blues song. Like a worker’s song. I’m no expert so don’t shoot me.

Glass house

Another quick song again! This isn’t a personal favourite, but like I wrote above, if I were to experience this song live, I might go crazy. Especially at the “ba-pa-la-ra-ra-da-da-ta-ta” part, hehe. xD The sweet guitar solo is great too. And Kaleo’s got me at the “c’mon baby, don’t say maybe” part – ok, I’ll rock with you. Too bad it’s at the last seconds of the song.

Hot blood

The last song of the A part. And… we’ll, I’m not really a rock girl like I said. So it might take a few turns to really like this one. The chorus girls in the background were a surprise though – I thought Julius son were going to be the only one singing in this album. But, hm… it ends quite abruptly and I feel like I haven’t really heard it. Was it too sprawling to my ears?

All the pretty girls

“All the pretty girls” is another favourite. A soft and sweet song which makes me think of summertime and long, Scandinavian summer nights. It’s like all the instruments are in harmony and I can’t help but feeling sorry for the poor guy who can’t seem to get the girls’ attention. And when he lower his tone… boy, Julius son got me. I’m done. That voice is lovely.


This sounds like a sweet summer song too and as if there were no troubles in the world at all. This song is something one could put on for a long drive in the States – it sounds a bit american to me (not country, but… yeah, still country?), it sounds carefree and… let’s go all the way to Mexico like you say.

Vor í Vaglaskógi

Even if all the songs are sung in English, this one in Icelandic doesn’t sound misplaced at all. As a Swede, one might think I understand what they’re singing about… but I don’t. Except for “glittrar” (that something “glitters”). But if I read the Icelandic lyrics I understand a few words – but I gotta keep an English translation next to me to be completely sure I don’t think I actually know the words. And for once, I envy my friend for knowing a bit Icelandic (which she studied on her own as hobby when we were in high school). This sounds mysterious but still beautiful! The guitar somehow gives it a magical feeling, and a bit sad feeling too. If you want to know what they’re singing about, click here to go to their YouTube video with an English translation as subtitles.

Save yourself

I was getting used to Icelandic, and it my brain thought it a bit confusing to go back to English when I first heard it. 😛 I listen to not only songs sung in English, so it didn’t feel wrong to hear a song in Icelandic. But this song, “Save yourself”, have the same sweet, high singing tunes as “All the pretty girls” at times and the music remind me of that one and also “Way down we go”. This song… is something I’d like to hear late at night. And it’s another sweet song I’d love to hear many more times in the future.

I can’t go on without you

Ohh myyyy, if I died in “All the pretty girls” when Kaleo’s singer lowered his voice, I die once more when those whistles come. This is such a beautiful song, a tender song with those careful guitar notes- as if it doesn’t want to break you at first, as if you’re something fragile. And then it grows… with drums… and strings… and it gets bigger and bam! You’re in love with it. And boy, the way he sings “I can’t go on without you” and “We don’t want them” makes ones heart melt. At least mine. Because that’s a gorgeous voice he’s been gifted with. And let me say one thing before this long review ends: “A/B” couldn’t end in a better way than with those careful whistles.

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One album, coming up!


Jag beställde nyss Kaleos debutalbum, och jag kan inte vänta tills jag får det! Jag har älskat alla deras låtar jag hittills har hört, så jag är säker på att albumet kommer att låta underbart. ♥

I just ordered Kaleo’s debut album and I can’t wait until I get it! I loved all their songs I’ve heard so far, so I’m sure the album will sound great too. ♥

Valborg 2016 // Walpurgis night 2016

Jag tycket att vi sätter på Veronica Maggios “17 år” så att man får en bra Valborg-i-Uppsala-känsla. 🙂

I think that we should turn on Veronica Maggio’s “17 år” (“17 years”) so we’re getting that Walpurgis-in-Uppsala-feeling. 🙂 For those of you who don’t understand Swedish, it’s a song about wanting to leave your hometown, experiencing something new and Walpurgis Night in Uppsala (Maggio’s hometown).

Jag tog en sovmorgon (för att det var helg och då får man faktiskt sova! (och för att jag är för snål att betala pengar för sillunch + det verkade tråkigt)) och sedan tog jag mig ned till Järnbron och Fyrisån för att ta en titt på forsränningen. Jag fick lite minnen av Squvalp från KTH, jag tror att alla studenter som har byggt sina flottar tyckte att det var riktigt kul. Efter ett tag gick jag vidare mot ett av åns fall för att se det man egentligen vill se – om flottarna kommer klara sig för fallet eller inte! Det var en del som föll omkull, andra tappade sina frigolitväggar och några få hade bara själva botten kvar och inga årar då de tappade dem – stackarna! Men självklart var det några som klarade sig nedför fallet också. 🙂 Flottarna var utsmyckade som tecknade figurer (Simpsons, Minions, Hattifnattarna från Mumin, Super Mario/Luigi/Wario och så), vissa hade naturtema med blommor, andra var inspirerade av mat… den bästa tyckte jag nog var “Trampbåten” – med Donald Trump som galjonsfigur och med en kostymklädd besättning. Studentsatir!

Var det någon annan som märkte JAS Gripen planen som flög över stan? Var det för att kungen fyllde 70 år eller?

I slept in (because it was a weekend and then you’re actually permitted to sleep! (and because I was too stingy about paying money for “Sillunch” (“Herring lunch”, a breakfast that’s apparently a tradition to have in Uppsala) + it seemed boring)) and then I walked down to the Iron Bridge and the Fyris river to watch the water rafting. Jag got flashbacks from Squvalp from KTH, I think all the students who had built the rafts thought it was really fun. After a while I moved towards one of the waterfalls to see what you really want to see – if the rafts will make it or not! Some of them fell over, others lost their styrofoam walls and a few only had their bottoms left and no oars because they lost them – poor them! But of course there were a few ones that made it down the waterfall. 🙂 The rafts were decorated as cartoon figures (The Simpsons, the Minions, Hattifatteners from Moomin, Super Mario/Luigi/Wario and so on), some were nature themed, others were inspired by food… but I think the best one was the “Trampbåten” (“the pedalo”) – with Donald Trump as figurehead and with a suit dressed crew. Student satire! (the “Trampbåten” is a wordplay of Trump’s name and a pedalo boat, pronounced the same in Swedish as his name).

Was there someone else who noticed the JAS Gripen airplanes flying over the town? Was that because the king had his 70th birthday or..?

Eftersom jag spenderade dagen själv så gick jag runt i stan (efter att jag återvände hem för att ta på mig en tjocktröja och byta jacka – det kändes kallt fast solen sken – och för att äta lunch), hörde på den genomträngande musiken som hördes genom hela stan från alla nationer (verkade vara världens party! såg jättekul ut!)… eftersom jag inte hade nåt bättre för mig.

Since I spent the day alone, I walked around in the town (after returning home for putting on a hoodie and change jacket – it felt cold even when the sun shone – and to eat some lunch), hearing the penetrating music that was heard all over the town from all the nations (seemed to be the biggest party ever! looked really fun!)… because I had nothing better to do.


Stockholm’s Nation, close to the Cathedral. Look at the queue!

När klockan blev 14 stod jag utanför Carolina Rediviva och lyssnade på Wijkmanska Blecket från Uplands nation som spelade på bibliotekets trappa – de var riktigt duktiga! De höll på till 14:45 och sedan återstod det en kvart innan rektor skulle signalera från balkongen att alla skulle ta på sig sin studentmössa och därefter Orphei Drängar sjöng in våren. Riktigt mäktigt! Denna dag kände man hur Uppsala verkligen är studenternas stad och hur hela dagen ägnades åt oss.

I was standing outside Carolina Rediviva when the clock got 2PM and listened to Wijkmanska Blecket from Upland’s nation which were playing on the stairs to the library – they  were really good! They kept on playing until a quarter to three and then it only left fifteen minutes before the Rector would signal from the balcony to everyone to put on their student caps, and thereafter Orphei Drängar sang in the spring. Really impressive! This day you really felt how Uppsala truly is the city of students and how the whole day was devoted to us.

Wijkmanska Blecket performing on the steps of Carolina Rediviva.

Och om det såg ut så här innan klockan blev tre… // And if it looked like this before 3PM…

… kolla bara på hur mycket folk det kom till rektorns signal!! Titta aaaallra längst bort! // … just look at the crowd who had gathered for the Rector’s signal!! Keep looking faaaar away!

Här är lite bättre bilder tagna av Upsala Nya Tidning: // Here are some better photos from Upsala Nya Tidning (local news paper):

Och sedan… var dagen mer eller mindre klar för mig. Folk satt och hade picknick, umgicks med sina vänner eller med sin familj och det fanns inget på schemat förrän klockan 9 (om man inte skulle äta middag på slottet följt av bal). Så jag satte mig ned för att läsa i “Blonde” tills jag kände att det blev alldeles för kallt. Berodde nog på att jag satt stilla, men jag gick till en liten butik och köpte vindruvor, jordgubbar och kanelbullar medan jag drog ut tiden innan jag skulle gå hem igen. Jag gick på en liten upptäcktsfärd mellan villorna som jag ser dagligen på väg till skolan och det kändes lite som hemma i Stockholm igen. Efter det började promenera mot Flogsta innan jag ångrade mig – jag behövde middag, ett varmt täcke och en toalett så det var bara att vända hemåt. Min rumskompis/hyresvärd hade sagt att hon skulle bjuda hem vänner, och jag ville inte störa… om jag nu skulle kunna störa, jag är för det mesta tyst på mitt rum (och hon i sitt). Men jag smög in till mitt rum med min frukt, mina bullar och min middag medan jag tittade på TV tills jag inte hålla ögonen öppna längre.

And then… the day was more or less done for me. People sat and had picnics, had fun with friends of family members and there was nothing more on the schedule until 9PM (unless you were going to have dinner at the castle and then dance at the ball). So I sat down to read “Blonde” until it got too cold outside. It probably felt cold because I sat still, but I walked to a small supermarket and bought grapes, strawberries and cinnamonbuns while I killed time before I could return home. I had a small adventure trip along the villas I see daily on my way to school, and it felt a bit like back home in Stockholm. After that I began walking towards Flogsta before I changed my mind – I needed dinner, a warm blanket and a toilet so I just had to go home. My roommate/landlady had told me about her friends coming over, and I didn’t want to disturb… not that I think I do disturb so much, I’m mostly quiet in my room (and she’s in hers). But I sneaked into my room with my fruit, my buns and my dinner while I watched TV until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer.


Norrland’s nation played jazz outside their building.

I got so glad when I found a blossoming cherry tree! I thought they had all blossomed already. ♥


Too bad it had to look like this after everyone’s picnic. I read that these filthy garbaged left at the end of the day was actually LESS than previous years – I wonder what it must have looked like then, because all I could see was white plastic bags everywhere! This is just outside where I live too..!

J-pop part 1

Eftersom jag delade med mig av lite j-pop förra gången… ni har väl inget emot om jag delar med mig av “lite” fler favoritlåtar? xD Tar med några som finns tillgängliga på Youtube.

Since I shared some j-pop last time… I hope you wouldn’t mind me sharing “a few” more favourite songs? xD I’ll show you some that are available on Youtube.

Ayumi Hamasaki

I envy my big brother soooo much for have seen that last performance in real life!!

Namie Amuro

Base Ball Bear